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In the Works: Nicholson’s ‘The Mechanic’s Companion’

In about three weeks, I’ll be sending to press the first Rude Mechanicals Press (RMP) book – a high-quality reprint of Peter Nicholson’s 1845 edition of “The Mechanic’s Companion.” As soon as it goes to the printer, I’ll be taking … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview of Upcoming Classes

First, I’m not yet committing to an on-sale date for the classes below (with one exception – the Dovetailed Silverware Class at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks), but it will be soon – before the end of April. (I’ll announce the go-live date/time … Continue reading

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Silverware Tray in a Weekend

The headline is a bit of misstatement…because unlike my students, who did indeed start and finish their dovetailed silverware trays last Saturday and Sunday, I finally got around to gluing up mine today. (What can I say…I was busy teaching!) … Continue reading

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