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Dovetail Fixes (If You Must)

I’m scheduled to teach myriad classes next year both at Lost Art Press and around the country ( at Port Townsend School of Woodworking, Highland Woodworking, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks – that one will be posted soon). Almost all of them involve … Continue reading

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True Confessions: I’m Grinding Averse

I always avoid grinding far longer than I should (unless I hit a nail or something else catastrophic to a cutting edge). But with a year’s worth of loaning tools out to students and hundreds of dovetails of my own … Continue reading

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Not Dead Yet!

It has been one year to the day since I got the biggest (thus far) shock of my life. And despite my terror at the time, I’m not dead yet (nor scooping ice cream for a living, as I did … Continue reading

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Get ‘Em Started Early

I can’t use my bench at Lost Art Press this weekend because we’ve a class going on. I came across the river with thoughts of getting started on the drawers for my built-in – I can mill stock and cut … Continue reading

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