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Poor Penmanship Bites me in the Butt

My penmanship is unutterably atrocious, and today, I paid for it. I’d written down “36-13/16″” for the height of the plywood in the doors for the upper cabinets. And (despite my dyscalculia) my math was correct (I quadruple checked it). … Continue reading

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Into the Mouth of Hell

OK – the headline is perhaps a bit hyperbolic – but that’s how I feel every time I have to descend to the stygian depths of my basement to use my table saw and chop saw (or do laundry, for … Continue reading

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More Cabinets: Yes or No?

Oh…my aching bones. On Saturday, I spent most of the day painting the face frames I installed weeks ago, and making, fitting and painting the face frame for the sink and adjacent cabinet – and that one was quite the … Continue reading

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I Need 7″ of Wood

I’ll start by saying this was not a measuring error. When I bought two 97-7/8″ countertops from Ikea, I knew I’d be about 7″ shy of the total countertop length I needed. It did not, however, seem worth it to … Continue reading

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Does This Mean I’m an Adult?

For the first time in my entire life, all my appliances match. I guess this means I have to start acting like a grown-up…which should probably include cleaning up this unholy mess. But last weekend, we had Lie-Nielsen in town … Continue reading

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