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House Colonoscopy

After the hell that was the (multiple) sewer inspection(s) on my former home, I wanted nothing whatsoever to do with drain cameras on the future one. The water was, after all, running as it should down the drains at the … Continue reading

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Instant Replay

Good thing I can “refer to the tape” on some of the larger pieces I’ve built. I was too boneheaded to take measurements before they were loaded onto and locked on the truck. Turns out, my big bookcase and stepback … Continue reading

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Post-Inspection Report; aka 5-year (Possibly 10-year) Plan

This afternoon, I spent an educational three+ hours with the home inspector as we went through my long-term project room by room and utility by utility. And my HVAC guy joined us to plan out a heating and cooling solution … Continue reading

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Well If it’s in Chaucer & Shakespeare…

Monday, the appraiser came. I’ve heard neither yea or nay, but I’m not too worried – the ‘hood is hot right now and the price of this place is more than reasonable. (OK, I’m a little worried…because worry is what … Continue reading

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