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The EEBO Trap

I’m in the midst of digging through “Early English Books Online” (EEBO) to download research items for this pesky wee paper I have to write. I keep getting sidetracked – trapped, if you will – by woodworking things. Case in … Continue reading

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Three Drinks has me Thinking ‘Ikea’

Last night, after completing various neighborhood pet-sitting duties and setting the backsplash tiles, I decided to get over my first-timer’s fear and start in on the cork tiles. That was at 10 p.m. I got as far as you see … Continue reading

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Reality=Concept (Amazing)

Many of my ideas in execution prove insane, insanely expensive or so far beyond my skills that they’re risible. This was not among them. Happy day. Now I need some herb swags to hang from the pegs. I was going to … Continue reading

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Plasterwork & Pot Rack

I decided some time back that, despite my original plan, I didn’t want cabinets over the sink. Once I removed the old ones (only to reveal yet another an unexpected repair project), I liked the open feeling and how much … Continue reading

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Pretty; Pretty Costly

Yes, I should have dovetailed a couple more drawers this morning, but I wanted a few hours of doing nothing with woodworking, my kitchen or early modern drama (yes, I’m actually working on my dissertation again, and time is short … Continue reading

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Dovetailed Drawers: No, I’m not Insane

Several people have called me insane/crazy/foolish and other mild epithets after I posted a picture on Twitter of the first kitchen drawer I completed. Why? Because it’s hand-dovetailed. Sure, I could simply rabbet and nail the kitchen drawers together, but … Continue reading

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The Mighty Wedge Wins

I’m working on a “Woodworking Essentials” article on nails for Popular Woodworking Magazine, and along with forged nails and wire nails, I’m writing about cut nails – you know, the wedge-shaped variety we often recommend in the magazine, because they … Continue reading

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