Reality=Concept (Amazing)


Many of my ideas in execution prove insane, insanely expensive or so far beyond my skills that they’re risible. This was not among them.

Happy day.

Now I need some herb swags to hang from the pegs.

I was going to post a “how-to”… but no time today; I have floor tiles to install, cabinets to paint and a dissertation on which to work. Plus, this is a nice, simple project for PW readers. So if you’re interested in step photos etc., read this post on the PW Editors’ Blog.

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9 Responses to Reality=Concept (Amazing)

  1. Megan, It’s simply put absolutely superb! Hope the tiles install eaisly for you and you can wrap this project up and market the home.

  2. Bryan Robinson says:

    Great job! The rack looks really wonderful.

  3. Patti says:

    Love it! Simple and elegant solution.

  4. ty black says:

    you need to thread the pans’ lid onto its matching pan. (I have no idea where to put the ” ‘s” or ” s’ ” ) and throw up the obligatory copper one as well just to say “Yeah i rock this kitchen, now step back i am gong to try this cooking thing”

  5. pauls49 says:

    Looks nice, Megan. I’m sure it’s good to have one more of the many projects done. If I might, I would suggest adding the equivalent of a chair rail to protect the wallboard and paint from dings.

  6. Dave Reedy says:

    Hang some dried chillis. the red will be a great “pop of color”.

  7. toolnu says:

    It’s too high. 😉

  8. billlattpa says:

    I’ll save the nice rack jokes, but it was definitely the right choice.

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