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Racing to a Standstill

But for a tenacious few bits of rock lath (or whatever that old drywall-like stuff is called) on the side of the Harry Potter closet and staircase, I have the major tear-out in the hall completed. I courted my own … Continue reading

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Try This 1 Easy* Trick to Lose Weight

I highly recommend house renovation as a weight-loss regimen. Not only will you work your ass off (literally), you’ll use muscles you forgot you had (you’ll know, because they’ll hurt like hell the next morning), you’ll be too tired to … Continue reading

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Open Wide (And That Will Do for Now)

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Sept. 10, 1955

I don’t know for sure when my house was cut up into a two family, but I do know it was on or after Sept. 10, 1955. As I removed the last bit of Masonite on the stairwell side of … Continue reading

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