Slow Cooker

The view from the dining room – there will, eventually, be a built-in cabinet in front of that framing.

Phase one of the long-awaited kitchen project has begun. What was a full bath on the first floor (only the sink was working properly when I bought the place) and the tiny pantry behind it have been torn out, and are framed. The larger of the two rooms (the former bath) will be a pantry (above), with a door leading into both the kitchen and the dining room. On the backside will be a tiny powder room, with just enough room for a small sink, a toilet and a litter box (that last is for the cat, just to be clear).

The half-bath will be tucked in here. Yes, the framing at the back is tied directly to the floor, All the non-load-bearing walls in this house were framed that way originally – but my real reason is that in order to use plates, I’d have had to pull the studs out 2″-4″ closer to the door to clear the waste pip on the left, and water pipes on the right. In this space, every inch counts.

My electrician has added a few outlets and installed temporary lights. Now I just need my plumber to fit me into his schedule. In the meantime, I have to patch the floor in the pantry before sanding and refinishing. Then there’s drywall to hang and finish (walls and ceilings – ugh), trim to make and install where the original is missing, a tile floor to install in the powder room, and a big floor-to-ceiling cupboard to build.

I’m not starting on the kitchen proper until the pantry is done. Unlike during my last kitchen renovation, that will afford me some counter space and storage space to work with while the kitchen is out of commission, instead of cramming the entire kitchen contents and appliances into my dining room and living room. (This time I’ll get away with just most of the kitchen contents and appliances crammed into the dining room and living room.)

This cracks me up – a tall cupboard atop the base cupboard hid the backside of the hardboard cabinet shown here – so there was a massive cabinet in the kitchen that had room in it for nothing (except another cabinet). I wasn’t sure what I’d see when I took all this out.
The open-frame doorway is what was behind the walls and the bathroom shelves – clearly an original door opening (though sadly the original trim is MIA).

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3 Responses to Slow Cooker

  1. Brian Ward says:

    It took me a minute or two to comprehend what was going on with that cabinet. Yeah, wow, that’s one to file under “seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  2. I love that cabinet. Whoever installed that probably thought it was a brilliant idea.

  3. Seems like one could have removed the back panels of both cabinets and had an incredibly handy passthrough!

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