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A Series of Renovation Mysteries

“The Case of the Disappearing Tape Measure” “The Mysterious Meow: The Cat That Got Trapped Under the Floor” “Out of Square: The House That Shifted in Six Dimensions” “Wedged for Eternity: The Case of the Immovable Cut Nail” “Plastered: The … Continue reading

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Lignin-laced Water

With a 3-day weekend ahead, I thought: Perfect time to frame out the shower walls and put in a proper sub floor. Heck – I might then even be able to get the underlayment for the tile walls hung! I … Continue reading

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No Drinking After 10 p.m.

I’m still nowhere near finished with either of the two new bathrooms – and for the last three months, I’ve been without a second-floor toilet. That’s meant stumbling down the back stairs (because the front stairs still have no rail) … Continue reading

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