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In Search of Illumination

I have Pappy Van Winkle tastes but a Four Roses budget. Many of the light fixtures in my house – with the notable exceptions of two lovely contemporary chandeliers made by a local artist – were acquired on what must … Continue reading

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I Need a Man, Or…

My muscles and telekinesis skills are equally ineffective. I need to either get married or start building bookcases out of balsa. Or just borrow a husband…again.

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Deliverance…Very Soon

Today, I was greeted upon my arrival home from work with yet another pile of crap. But this pile is far more heartening than the piles of boxes inside. The HVAC work started today, and as soon as the central … Continue reading

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Stacks & Stacks

And there’s much more – but I can’t bear to look.

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Closer to Fine

New appliances is but part of the kitchen equation – but the rest is going to be a few months off (though I’ll be hooking up the ice maker sooner rather than later – what I wouldn’t give for some … Continue reading

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It’s Only Money (But I’m About Out of It)

Does “HolyshitwhathaveIdone?!” count as buyer’s remorse? I really don’t regret selling my old house and I know that this one is going to be fabulous…in 10 years. But right now all I can see is an empty bank account and … Continue reading

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The ‘Missing’ Stair Case*

After closing last Friday (a minor miracle given a lot of last-minute appraisal stuff), I’ve begun moving stuff into my new home, and thinking about the future. The future is going to be very expensive. A new furnace is at … Continue reading

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