Deliverance…Very Soon

Old ductwork

Old duct work

Today, I was greeted upon my arrival home from work with yet another pile of crap. But this pile is far more heartening than the piles of boxes inside.

The HVAC work started today, and as soon as the central air is up and running, I’ll be able to make some headway on unpacking the second floor. I miss my books. And I’ll move a lot of stuff (still in boxes) to the third floor…just as soon as it’s less than 100°F up there.

I simply can’t do anything in this heat; my people are from cold, rainy peat bogs.

The impending central air isn’t the only welcome news; what will be my bench room is well on its way to being a lot more spacious. What was two massive furnaces of approximately my age (read: old and inefficient) that combined were about the size of my first apartment, will be one ultra-high efficiency unit that’s smaller than a steamer trunk on end.

The destruction went well; hoping the installation is done with equal alacrity.

The destruction is moving along apace; I’m hopeful the installation will be done with equal alacrity.

Once the new furnace is in and the a/c is running, I’ll be able to move my bench and tools in, and get cracking…literally. There are walls to tear out, and I’m itching to swing a sledgehammer.  Right after I get some of those boxes unpacked and stashed.

My bench will go between the windows. (Anyone want a foil-papered bar? It can be yours, free.)

My bench will go between the windows, where the movers put my old baby bed. (Anyone want the brown and olive foil-paper covered bar in the background?)

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23 Responses to Deliverance…Very Soon

  1. Dave Reedy says:

    You being “old and inefficient” is highly doubtful.

    • fitz says:

      Well, I’m feeling a bit decrepit at the moment. Too hot, and I’ve had a cold/cough for about two weeks. But I’m sure I’ll feel my healthy middle age again soon 🙂

  2. Norm Reid says:

    This is all too exciting! Will you be painting the shop walls? Got a decoration scheme in mind?

  3. I second the heat thing. I prefer the Scottish Highlands or the Bavarian Alps.

    And Third floor, my legs hurt just thinking about that. I guess its a good way to stay in shape though.

    Can’t wait to see the progress. Just don’t burn yourself out.

  4. toolnut says:

    What’s with all the bullet holes in pic 2? Former mob house?

    • fitz says:

      Well it _is_ Northside… Just a little parging falling off the stone foundation – easily fixed. Eventually.

  5. “my people are from cold, rainy peat bogs.”

    Doesn’t that sound lovely? Honestly, we’re not far off from this in my back yard right now… We have the rainy and boggy part, anyway.

    So, er… is that bar original to the basement? Or did you move it down there until it could be properly disposed? I don’t know… bar or not, hanging out in an unfinished basement to drink doesn’t appeal to me. Not since college, anyway…

  6. rockyferraro says:

    Love love love the dining room chairs:)
    Reminds me of sitting at the table when I couldn’t reach the floor

    • fitz says:

      I have the matching table around the corner. I believe the set belonged to my great grandmother, and came out of her house in Louisville. I know for sure my grandmother had them it in the basement for years. I sure wish the orignal black and red vinyl was a) intact on all of them and b) in better shape. One day…don’t know when…I’ll de-rust the pieces, have them re-chromed, re-upholster the chairs, and use the set. I hope. Along with all the other projects.

  7. Nothing wrong with hanging out in an unfinished basement to do woodworking! I have that very habit, myself! (Though I AM working on having a finished shop in the unfinished basement… slowly but surely!)

    But the sussed up 70’s era “bar”, surrounded by concrete walls and floor with floor joists looming overhead? Its a bit odd.

  8. pwessmith says:

    As a North Carolina guy that just moved to Tempe Arizona (wife’s job)
    I wish we were only at 100.

    2 years to go…tick tick..

  9. mike m says:

    I feel your pain about the heat. Where do you get your energy, to complete all this work, after your regular job?

    • fitz says:

      Well nothing has been completed…much less begun. So that’s an excellent question; when I have an answer, I’ll let you know. (It was easier on the first one…most of the heavy work there was done 8-10 years ago…)

  10. m46opie says:

    Alacrity. Now there is a word not used as much as it deserves.

    Your adventure continues!

    Mark Singleton
    Santa Maria, Ca

  11. On the bright side, staying in the basement will be a lot cooler – especially in the summer. I love that aspect of my subterranean shop.

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