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My Back Hurts

Having now slept in my guest room for two nights (I pulled the mattress and box springs off my bed to avoid the possibility of damage from the deluge), I tender my sincere apologies to anyone who’s stayed therein. The … Continue reading

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Revenge of the House

I think I’ve hurt my house’s feelings; it’s acting out. This morning, I opened my eyes to a disconcerting bulge in the plaster almost directly above, on the wall behind my bed. So I got dressed, laid down some plastic … Continue reading

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Boring, but Necessary

I planned to go to the shop today to build my kitchen corner table/counter. I was looking forward to playing with the Festool Domino and a brand-spanking-new band saw blade (what can I say…I’m easily excited). The shop is 12 … Continue reading

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I Speak Jive

As I get my house ready to put back on the market, I’ve been spending a lot of time perusing home-buying sites; I’m learning a new lexicon. (I’m also learning that some Realtors are truly horrid photographers. Could you not … Continue reading

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One Final Piece to the Kitchen Puzzle

The last piece to build for the kitchen is a counter-height something or other to go to the left of the stove. But there are a few challenges (aren’t there always) and design considerations. The curve is the most noticeable … Continue reading

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