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The Yowling

The felines, they are still hissing, spitting and yowling at one another. It’s been five months. I’ve tried everything I, the Internet and my vet can think of. Except for one thing. Barring blood, it’s time let them fight it … Continue reading

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Between Scylla & Charybdis & Bad Timing

With my kitchen 90 percent done, I’ve been thinking about putting my house on the market again come spring (which gives me a few months to complete the 10 percent). So I’ve been looking online (and visiting a few open … Continue reading

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Island Design Playlist

Songs for a cool, rainy weekend evening of sitting in front of the computer, with hot cider and bourbon in one hand, a mouse in the other. Ani DiFranco – “32 Flavors” The Decemberists – “Rise to Me” Xavier Rudd … Continue reading

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As Long as I Don’t Answer Back…

I was in the shop last weekend surfacing lumber for the Roubo bench-style kitchen island I planned (lo these many months ago). But as I was surfacing the walnut, it started talking to me. It whispered “Please don’t rip then … Continue reading

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Lines on Repeat

I have Hamlet on the brain: “Words, words, words” and “I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw,” both from 2.2. (To be fair, “handsaw” is likely a corruption of a … Continue reading

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