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Appetite (& Checkbook) for Destruction

Tim gave me his invoice for the miles of re-wiring and many days of labor, and I’ve several quotes for removing the bats and keeping them out (guaranteed for three years by the fellow I’m hiring). So my electric is … Continue reading

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Lighting by Milwaukee

My house is in massive disarray right now, with wires sticking out of switch boxes and ceilings, holes in the plaster (some intentional, some not) and lifted floorboards that my cats are treating as a new playground. I have light … Continue reading

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Stumbling In the Dark

After uncovering the knob-and-tube wiring, I called my electrician friend, Tim. I don’t mind fishing new wire or pigtailing to add a plug, switching out a fixture or putting in a new switch. But when it comes to abandoning and … Continue reading

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Might as Well…

Hmmm…the living room really could use a chandelier. And it’s directly under the room in which I’m pulling floorboards anyway. Hmmmm…

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A Widening Gyre

My staircase project is spiraling out of control. After uncovering a live wire buried in plaster right where I need to secure the new landing and turn on the stairs, I had to make some exploratory cuts in the ceiling … Continue reading

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