Might as Well…

LR-ceilingHmmm…the living room really could use a chandelier. And it’s directly under the room in which I’m pulling floorboards anyway. Hmmmm…

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13 Responses to Might as Well…

  1. Ed Clarke says:

    I did the same thing in my house. It turned out that there already was wiring in the ceiling and some prior owner decided that it would look better elsewhere – so he just plastered over the box. A quick fix in my case but more complicated for you.

    You might consider just adding a ceiling medallion for the time being until you can find the perfect chandelier at some later date. This would let you be all ready for installation with the wiring done and the support box installed. You said that you’re going to live there forever so you don’t want to put up a piece of junk for a permanent fixture. Something like this:


    • Ward Shrake says:

      Not that we actually get votes on this — it’s your house, after all — but I’ll second the idea of having the electrical work all done and ready to go, well in advance.

      In terms of being able to justify it, I tend to see it as being like saving a treat for yourself to make all the work feel well worth it, down the road. Anticipating the coolness of a thing that’s already half done (and that you can go look at, and dream about, whenever the work in other areas feels like it’s gonna get you down / taking forever) is a better motivator than any wholly unrealized dream. For me, anyway. I find it’s too tempting to “just skip the whole thing,” in the latter case; while the former tends to push me forward. I guess it ultimately depends on how you feel about multiple projects at once. Doing the wiring work, then going back to your prior projects could be seen as sort of a palette cleanser between tasty dishes? I realize that some people want to work in a very linear fashion, and stress out if too many “unfinished” things linger, but for long projects ya gotta stay motivated — and for some of us, taking off a bit of time to “play hookey” a bit, may be that motivator. Another side benefit of having the wiring there, and a strong support there, is that you could (theoretically) swap out various “maybe” chandeliers, one at a time, over time. Settle on one as a long-term project; rather than go for perfect, all in one go. Get one used, maybe, and see how you like it? Knowing that it’s just for a while. Sell it, if you don’t like it. And go get another, when you’re in the mood to shop?

      • fitz says:

        Yep — I’ll get the wiring done in the front rooms right now. No sense in pulling up floorboards twice! The wires to the back of the house can wait — they’ll be easier to get at when I gut the bath.

    • fitz says:

      I actually have an early 1900s cast iron fixture that belonged to my grandparents (and maybe to their parents?). I think I’ll clean it up and rewire it, then hang it for now. Eventually, it will likely move to the kitchen and I’ll buy a fancier one for the front room…but I won’t be ready to think about the kitchen in 2016.

  2. toolnut says:

    Maybe a ceiling fan. 😉

  3. richmondp says:

    I once bought an old Alaskan salmon troller, built in 1918, with the plan of rebuilding it in three to six months. Six years later I had replaced two thirds of the wood and still hadn’t finished. Good luck!

  4. Brian Clites says:

    While you’re up there, why not just install 14 or 15 LED can lights? 😛

  5. SteveM says:

    I bet the cats love those open floors. Better count noses before nailing the boards back down.

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