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You Just Don’t Know Me Anymore

I got off a plane recently and my ride didn’t recognize me (though we’ve met a great number of times over the last decade). The sandwich shop in my neighborhood used to start writing down my standing order when I … Continue reading

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‘Once More into the Beech’

Four years ago, we received at PopWood a couple review copies of “500 Cabinets” (Lark) in which were pictured…500 cabinets. The book was (and still is, one presumes) chock-full of interesting and creative casework, much of it modern. And for … Continue reading

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Not Dead Yet

The picture above pretty much says it all (and it also says, correctly, that I am a slob). My next woodworking project may well be a trundle bed that fits under my desk (of course, I’ll have to move the … Continue reading

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