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Lath, Now Lathe

I awoke this morning in a destructive mood, so I grabbed my dropcloth, pry bar and a lot of garbage bags, and finally got around to finishing the tear-out on the front of my staircase (it’s been in the same … Continue reading

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Renovation Resumption

You’d think, free for the last 16 months to make my own schedule, I’d have gotten more done on the house. You’d be wrong. Lacking a regular paycheck, I’ve been afraid to spend any money and eager to earn money, … Continue reading

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Well Of Course.

It is a universal truth in home renovation that wherever one might need to make a critical cut, there will be a nail – or three (but only if one is down to one’s last blade).

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Shakespeare, Woodworking…but No Cats

If you care to watch me making weird faces in response to Charles Brock’s questions, check out the new episode of The Highland Woodworker. Though I don’t consider myself worthy of the honor, it was awfully nice of Chuck to … Continue reading

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‘To Rebate a Piece of Stuff’

§ 70. To rebate a Piece of Stuff. First, when the rebate is to be made on the arris next to you, the stuff must be first tried-up on two sides; if the rebate is not very large, set the … Continue reading

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Last-minute Class Openings at LAP

We had cancellations in two fast-approaching classes, and thus have two last-minute slots available – one in my March 16-17 Shaker Hanging Cabinet class, and one in Andy Glenn’s March 23-24 Post-and-rung Stool class. Plus, there is bench space available … Continue reading

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