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Well, at Least it’s an Excuse for 2 New Tools?

The one thing I was actually hoping had been done poorly (unlike some of the plumbing and wiring)? Nope. Exploratory surgery reveals the walls that need to come down are properly framed out 14″ on center, and with a superabundance … Continue reading

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I Speak Hayward…Though it’s Difficult

I’m so very close to completing the copy edit on the forthcoming Lost Art Press book, “The Woodworker: The Charles Hayward Years.” I then have to traipse over to Kentucky to update the files, then there’s another edit round from … Continue reading

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Living Gargoyle

OK – I’ll admit that I squealed when it flew toward me. But unlike my cats, I did not run away and hide. Oh no – instead, I grabbed a hat (I know the hair thing is probably apocryphal…but), closed … Continue reading

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Like ‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,’ with Sheep

I often joke about chucking it all and moving to Montana to herd sheep. I don’t mean it of course; my little experience with said animals is wearing their fleece (I do like a good wool sweater) and eating their … Continue reading

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