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Dovetail Class Kit to the Baking Rescue

Yesterday, I reached into the cabinet for toothpicks so I could test the cake doneness for my annual Thanksgiving dinner dessert, a raspberry and marsala trifle. But I was out of toothpicks. Eek! Then I remembered I have some in … Continue reading

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Opinions Are Like Assh…

I’ve spent a frustrating couple of hours researching how best to adhere tile on plaster walls that are in decent shape…or will be shortly, after I’ve scraped off the loose bits of adhesive that was holding the hardboard in place, … Continue reading

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Please Pardon the Mess

Is there any renovation project that doesn’t spill into the entire house? Not in my experience. Though the bathrooms on which I’m currently working are on the second floor, I had to tear out the back wall of the pantry … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

With the guest bath nearing completion, I’m turning my thoughts (and wallet) to “my” bathroom – the one for which I cut a doorway from my bedroom into the original bath through what was the tub wall. It’s a 7′ … Continue reading

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One Step Up & Two…Well, You Know

Per my last post, I set a deadline of Nov. 9 for finishing the guest bath. That was stupid. But I’m getting close. Over the last two days, I mitered, fit, painted and installed the 30 pieces of base moulding … Continue reading

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