One Step Up & Two…Well, You Know


Per my last post, I set a deadline of Nov. 9 for finishing the guest bath. That was stupid.

But I’m getting close.

Over the last two days, I mitered, fit, painted and installed the 30 pieces of base moulding (it’s a three-part buildup). That was fun, what with having to run up and down to the basement two floors below to cut every piece…then run up and down again to tweak most of them. I need a larger miter box or a lighter chop saw (but I also need the exercise, so I guess it was beneficial?).

It took a bit longer than it might because there is nowhere in my house where I can paint said 30 pieces all at once, so I had to do it in shifts – and of course, because this was bare moulding, it needed multiple coats, with sanding in between. So that was most of one day.


I think this was the second shift.

My plan for today was to install the window trim – on one of the windows, anyway. On the other, the seal isn’t tight, and with the first heavy rain after it was installed, water got into the bottom rail. That was months ago. I’m still awaiting the promised replacement (and becoming increasingly irked). So while I’m going to wait on that one (it will be easier to replace without the sill installed), I figured I could finish the other and have things at least closer to done.

Well, except for the hole in the ceiling around the exhaust fan. I can’t fix that until the fan is operational, and that can’t happen until my roofer can fit me in to run the exhaust vent through the roof. And I can then get the electrician back over to hook it up.

But today, I am the problem. I cut and moulded the window sills maybe a month ago, measuring the window plus two times the width of the fluted trim that abuts it, plus another inch on either side. Then I chanced upon salvaged aprons and returns that match those in the rest of my house, which saved me the trouble of making said pieces (they’re complex mouldings, so I was delighted). But oops. They’re slightly different in size than what I’d measured.


If only I’d added 2″…

So I have to remake the sills. And to do that, I have to go buy more Southern yellow pine, then go into the shop at work.

Nope; not today. I think I’ll install the outlet and switch plate covers, then curl up with a book. After leaving yet another message for my window maker and roofer.

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5 Responses to One Step Up & Two…Well, You Know

  1. nrhiller says:

    That sounds like reality to me. It’s all problems, for sure. But WOW! It is looking fabulous. I have bathroom envy.

  2. I like the grey (gray). And the floor. And the skirting board. In fact, it all looks really excellent and I’m having to hide my iPad screen from my wife in case she gets ideas. Shame these things take so long. You have my empathy. When our roofers replaced our roof they damaged our ceiling. Eighteen months later and we’re nearly out of the Sisyphian nightmare. Just the wooden floor to be installed. I wonder what they’ll damage.

  3. jmwagle86 says:

    To have the sills match the newly found aprons would be nice, worth a couple of bucks; but to have socks photographed without holes? Priceless.

  4. Peggy Schneider says:

    What a lot of work! It’s looking awesome!

  5. That last photo is woodworker cheesecake!

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