‘Once More into the Beech’

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Four years ago, we received at PopWood a couple review copies of “500 Cabinets” (Lark) in which were pictured…500 cabinets. The book was (and still is, one presumes) chock-full of interesting and creative casework, much of it modern. And for some reason, a lot of modern furniture gets what I think are amusing and confusing (and often-times pretentious) names. Christopher Schwarz wrote a much funnier post about it than can I – so click here to read it; I’ll wait.

For the next issue of the magazine, I’ve attempted a nod toward modernity (though the Shaker influence is clear) – a hanging cabinet with contrasting woods (walnut and spalted beech, from a beech buy that’s shown up in several other PW articles in the last decade) and a live-edge top that has a void at one end.

This thing needs a pretentious name. My suggestion is the headline above – though I also like “Travaille Épuisant en Noyer.”

I’m showing it to you here in black and white with a fuzz filter…because that seems more pretentious. And also because I don’t want to give it all away on our first date; you’ll have to pay $5.99 first.

Please offer your suggestions below. (Chris likes “Follies of Pumping Equipment No. 12.) The winner (as determined by me) gets a box of Gitanes, a black turtleneck and the right to don a supercilious sneer. (Not really. I’m not giving up my black turtleneck sweater or my sneer. But I’ll send you a box of Gitanes if you like.)

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21 Responses to ‘Once More into the Beech’

  1. Roberta Moreton says:

    Live at the Beech

  2. tman02 says:

    How about:
    Top floue avec des portes pourries.

    But seriously,
    “I’m so alone” cabinet.

    And the box of Gitanes could stay in the cabinet.


  3. bonsai26 says:

    “I shall call it ‘Soup’!”

  4. The Advent of the Refenistration of Prague

  5. Fagus et juglans sur la mur, #1

  6. no no Peachs and sour milk,

    • Oh, and I really dig the cabinet. I’m looking forward to getting into more live edge stuff in my own work. Currently it’s serving platters and cheese boards made from the firewood pile but it’s good practice for a table top.

  7. Steve says:

    Birch Shadow Birdhouse

  8. John Wolf says:

    It is a cabinet on ze wall – you would not unerstan

  9. Dyami says:

    I would name the cabinate Howard.

  10. John Verreault says:

    Holy Hanging Walnut Cab Fronting Some Streaked Blonde Beech

  11. John Verreault says:

    I would call it “Holy Hanging Walnut Cab Fronting some Streaked Blonde Beech“…sounds fairly pretentious.

  12. Augustus Lammers says:

    “The night we walked… the copper-
    aka- &/#;”

  13. mcdara says:

    I love Henry Vee

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