House Colonoscopy

25' or so along the run from the cleanout, there's a floor drain – right near where I'm guessing the table saw will live. Must remember to avoid dropping sawdust therein...

25′ or so along the run from the cleanout, there’s a floor drain – right near where I’m guessing the table saw will live. Must remember to avoid dropping sawdust therein…

After the hell that was the (multiple) sewer inspection(s) on my former home, I wanted nothing whatsoever to do with drain cameras on the future one.

The water was, after all, running as it should down the drains at the house inspection, and the basement was damn near bone dry, even during several days of fairly heavy precipitation.  And there are no alarming sinkholes in the yard (or non-alarming sinkholes, for that matter), nor noxious fumes wafting from below.

But I caved. Because what if a pipe was caved in?!

I’ll already need new HVAC (now), new appliances (ASAP) and a new roof (in a year or three) – not to mention the floors need refinishing, I’d like to quickly remodel at least one of the baths and there’s a wall to remove and a staircase to rebuild. No way can I afford sewer work on top of all that.

So yesterday evening, I got to see the bowels of the house. What fun. All is well – at least as well as can be expected or hoped for in a 100+ year-old house with vintage vitreous clay pipes. Nothing more alarming than a little crazing in a few areas, and some minor root infiltration (hello, RootX). Yeah, I might want to sections relined, but it’s not a pressing issue.

The only pressing issue right now …by which I mean RIGHT NOW…is for the title agency to receive all the paperwork so I can close tomorrow as scheduled. Might have to be Monday– but I hope not!


Ridgid makes more than just woodworking tools – they also make Marvin the Martian accoutrements.

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10 Responses to House Colonoscopy

  1. Glad to hear that the lines are in better shape this go around. Good luck!

  2. Norm Reid says:

    Did your house have to ingest gallons of that gut-busting stuff before the procedure?

  3. mgh63 says:

    XP35 Space Mod-u-la-tor

  4. mgh63 says:

    Congrats on the new digs! Look forward to the upcoming adventures!

  5. Mike Siemsen says:

    You can get a test plug to put in the hole at the drain where the table saw will reside to keep errant sawdust from plugging it. I suppose a rag would work too.

  6. JC says:

    Oh the joys of homeownership. I was having a convo with a friend in a similar situation [with house] and we waxed on about how we long for the days of apartments when we could “do stuff” that didn’t entail a myriad of tradesmen to keep us between the financial ditches. Oh well, c’est la vie et la mort. Good to know the bowels are, ahem, free.

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