Who Needs the Paleo Diet?

beforeThis is what my last major home reno job looked like after tear-out. I’m hoping the kitchen project won’t be quite as dire. But it likely will be – just a different kind of madness (there will at least be far less grouting. I do so hate grouting).

Stay tuned; kitchen destruction commences on or before Saturday. And keep your fingers crossed for me that the wood floor is salvageable – that’s the price difference between a shiny new dishwasher and not.

The folks who looked at the house just after Christmas haven’t made up their minds; I’m tired of waiting and I’m running out of time if I want it done by the end of March. Which I do.

Plus, I could stand to work off my few too many Christmas cookies. No kitchen and hard physical labor is just the thing. And unlike with the last major house renovation, I’ll be able to shower.

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15 Responses to Who Needs the Paleo Diet?

  1. There are some interesting things going on inside that wall there. I just started and ended a sentence with the same word, I’m sure there is something wrong with that.

  2. You’re making great headway. Just persavere!

  3. Greg says:

    Could you talk about what resources you are using to guide you through the design and building process? Thank you.

    • fitz says:

      For design, I just looked at a thousand pictures online, then decided what I liked, coupled with what I can do for a reasonable price in the space available, and modeled several layouts in SketchUp. I read Bob Lang’s kitchen cabinet book, and, well, that’s really about it. But I’ve been looking at pictures for a long time, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted but the time I got around to designing. And were I not hoping to sell it, I probably install soapstone counters rather than wood — but they’re expensive as all get out, so…

      • Greg says:

        Thanks! I am in a similar situation with a home that we want to sell and a kitchen that is cutting edge 80s cockaroach brown press board and yellowing beige Formica counter tops. Needless to say I am very interested in your posts about the kitchen.

        • fitz says:

          Why, that’s almost exactly like mine; I’m so sorry.

          If your layout is good , can you get away with painting the cabinets and just putting in a new countertop? Painting my current ones made them look pretty good…it’s the layout, in the end, making me do this.

          • Greg says:

            We actually did paint and I think that’s the reason they lasted so long. But, they are at the disintegration stage now so I want to start planning and hopefully do it in the summer. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

  4. Patrick says:

    You might want to have your Realtor let the perspective buyers (who are on the fence) know that after the kitchen is redone, the price of the home goes up. That might get them to move. If they don’t bite then you’re right where you are now: pre-demo mode. Just a thought that might save you some time and money.

    • fitz says:

      Yeah – that’s been done. Plus, I was there during the showing and gave them a ballpark on the new price. They wanted to know if they could weigh in on materials…which sounded encouraging, but no word yes. (I imagine tearout will take a little time, so I still have vestiges of hope).

  5. John Horst says:

    You can enjoy the paleo diet while without a kitchen. My limited research leads me to believe that the caveman had access to single malt scotch, ice cream and take out meals from the more progressive cave dwellers who discovered free enterprise..

  6. samcappo says:

    I feel your pain….I am in process of gutting my 1860’s house to the “studs.”

    I feel like the bad DIY shows glorify the demolition process and make people think….”oh that looks fun!”

    Fun lasts about 2 minutes…..


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