See What Happens When You Read the Comments?


I was so very sure I’d found the right stools at the price point I was willing to pay. But it seems that right after I hit “submit” at World Market, Pottery Barn came out with a new style … that looks a heck of a lot like the $750 vintage ones I liked. Dammit.

I bought two.

A trip to Indy for a sawbench party was fortuitous; there’s a World Market there. So, I loaded my first purchase in my car (along with my bevel gauge and jack plane, because without those, is it really a party?) and headed west. I had to eat the shipping costs, but the store took them back, no questions asked (though there was a punitively long wait in holiday shopping lines).

I’m done. These are the stools I’m keeping. So thank you “toolnut” for bringing the “McCoy Adjustable Barstool” to my attention…now stop with the links, please, so I don’t change my mind again!

Next up – design and build a rack that will a) cover the unsightly phone jack b) have space for hooks from which to hang the stepladder. Plus there’s still the trim to finish, a final set of stub-tenon doors to make and hang for the cabinet over the fridge, one last table/cabinet/countersupportsomething to build to the left of the stove and some more painting.

Place your bets now on whether it’s all done in time to take beauty pictures at the end of February; my Realtor wants to list on March 1. (If you’re betting “yes,” make sure you can afford to lose.)

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9 Responses to See What Happens When You Read the Comments?

  1. mysticcarver says:

    I have to say those stools are Awesome!!! Great job in finding them too!
    I would bet but I work to hard for my money lol

  2. toolnut says:

    Happy to help.

  3. pat says:

    Excellent choice. Now build a cabinet/open shelves to cover the pipes beside the door and you have additional storage and a place to hide the ladder.
    Excellent job and happy Holidays

  4. fitz says:

    Those aren’t pipes; that’s the moulding that still has to be installed. (But that is the wall on which the ladder will go – only 8″ deep, though, so there will be room for the ladder but not much else!)

    • pat says:

      Sorry, My wife would say that is a perfect place for a spice cabinet, it will match the one beside the other door.
      Have a safe and Happy Holiday


  5. Dave Reedy says:

    Ditch the phone jack and put up a Shaker peg rack.

  6. Ken Speed says:

    “Those aren’t pipes…” I almost choked on my coffee! All this work and you’re going to sell the house? I’d feel like I was selling my first born!
    Make a simple coat rack with hooks underneath and hang the ladder under it.

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