Boring, but Necessary


I planned to go to the shop today to build my kitchen corner table/counter. I was looking forward to playing with the Festool Domino and a brand-spanking-new band saw blade (what can I say…I’m easily excited).

The shop is 12 miles from my house. The picture above is from 10 a.m. It’s 5:30 p.m. now, and the snow just stopped falling.

Instead, I stayed home and did some stultifying but necessary jobs – things I’ve been putting off for weeks.

The 2-3° back bevel Orion Henderson writes MUST be employed when using non-mortise hinges? Yeah…I forgot to do that when I hung the cabinet doors; they weren’t closing quite all the way, but I’ve been living with the shame. Today, they all came down, got hit with my No. 7, then received a swipe of fresh paint down the edge.

All the toe kick pieces for the cabinet bases are mitered and fit, and the first coat of paint is drying (and I turned up the heat in hopes it will dry in time for a second coat before bed).

The beech backsplash is mitered (87° – what fun) and the Formby’s is drying. Another coat of that before bed, too.

Tomorrow, I hope to find time to get the doors back up and the toe kick and backsplash installed. And as soon as I get that table built, the kitchen will be 100-percent done.

I took down the first old termite-barf cabinet on Dec. 29, 2013, and I’ve been working on the kitchen (albeit sometimes in dribs and drabs) ever since. I won’t know what to do with myself! Although the basement is a tip, my closet needs culling and I’ve never liked the tile in the 1/2 bath on the first floor…and I suppose I should shovel the walk again.


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11 Responses to Boring, but Necessary

  1. steveschafer says:

    6:10pm and still snowing here.

    Be thankful that you don’t have a 240 ft-long driveway.

  2. John W. Suessmann says:

    You could always raise the house up and put in a new basement. Custom shop in the making. By then you will be ready to remodel. Moving is always more painful then you remember besides nobody appreciates your work like you do. Every time some clown comes into my house and wants to do something different that I am proud of I cringe.

  3. You’re doing it correctly; taking one step at a time and those ain’t baby steps. Yes, you’ll always be proud of your accomplishments, and just shrug off any snide remarks of potential buyers. Enjoy the new band saw blade if you get to unwrap and install it and the Festool Domino.

  4. Dave Reedy says:

    You could always work on your thesis. (Nudge, nudge!)

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