Dance Party in the Basement

Relocation services.

Yes, that is a length of PVC pipe attached to the wall into which the washer drains to carry water to the sink. It was either that, or have the hose stretching 8′ to the floor drain.

OK – I know it doesn’t look like much, but do you see that square of cardboard in the picture above? That’s where the washing machine was until Tuesday. And my butt was against the basement door as I took the picture.

Now I can use the basement door (much easier to bring in wood that way), have a small dance floor available (not that I’m likely to use it), and the machines are conveniently located next to one another with the doors opening sympathetically for ease of use (that will not, however, keep me from dropping wet clothes on the floor as I move them from the washer to the dryer).

I fail to comprehend the former routes of the water pipes – there was simply nowhere convenient to hook up a washer. And, there was another water heater where my laundry basket is above.

I called plumber* Ryan Smith, who came highly recommended by many of my neighbors. (I also heartily recommend him – if you’re in Cincinnati and want his info, let me know.) He spent all day Tuesday at my house removing the unnecessary second water heater, rerouting water and gas lines, moving the machines, replacing some old and drippy shut-off valves, hooking up the water to my refrigerator**, fixing the shower in my first-floor bath, and taking out the extra gas meter for what used to be the second-floor apartment. Or maybe it was for the first-floor apartment – doesn’t matter; I need only one.

So just in time for cold weather and cold-weather utility bills, I can stop paying to heat water in two tanks, and stop paying a $40+ “Fixed Delivery Service” charge and attendant fees on the extra meter every month, if only Duke Energy would return my call or email….

Come and get it, Duke.

Come and get it, Duke.

* Yeah, I decided to go with a pro. I’ll stick to the wood-related projects. And tile work. And painting. And minor electric. And everything else.

**For the first time in my life, I have a working ice maker and filtered cold water. It’s the little things….

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16 Responses to Dance Party in the Basement

  1. ewingda says:


    FYI – if u get in a plumbing jam the Shark Bite fittings do a great job with no tools. They are a compression fitting that works on copper and PEX. I too have a bunch of silly pipe routes that I have been addressing. So when I needed to get water to my fridge I went with the shark bite because the $90 pex tool cuts into my Lie Nielsen budget!

    Best of luck – enjoying your trek.


    • fitz says:

      I can change out a sink faucet (with a lot of cursing). I think I’ll leave the real plumbing up to the plumber (he already has PEX tools).

  2. Russell Pitner says:

    Bless you for getting what you so well deserve. Just do a Polka for the Holidays. The routing was ingenious and well done.

  3. Wesley Beal says:

    Congrats on the progress!

    Are those doors really sympathetic when they open, or are they just faking it, and rolling their eyes when you turn away?

  4. Bill Murr says:

    Is that an electric dryer? If so, switch to gas when that one bites the dust. Electric dryers are far more costly to run. If it is a gas dryer, then the vent/flue pipe is not legal. And while sharkbite fittings are fast, and almost fool-proof (fools are ingenious) they do fail from time to time. Crimping is best. PEX pipe is great, it will even handle freezing. Lastly, is that a marble next to the gas meter? Have you lost any lately?

    • fitz says:

      It is electric, and it’s brand new – so hopefully, I won’t be buying another any time soon. But I only do about one load per week, so I don’t think running it will cut into my funds too much.

      On the plumbing, I’ll do whatever the plumber says. I decided I don’t need to know 🙂

      And that can’t be a marble. I lost all of those years ago.

  5. “He spent all day Tuesday at my house…”

    Ooof. If plumber rates in Little St. Louis are anything close to what they are in Big St. Louis, then you won’t be having any dance parties any time soon… unless you have a cover charge.

    Hey, that’s not a bad idea…

    • fitz says:

      Little St. Louis?

      I don’t mind paying a pro for his or her pro-quality work. Same argument as paying a good woodworker for a custom-made piece – not cheap, but well-earned and worth it.

      • You know, Cincinnati being sort of like a Little St. Louis. Discussion we had a long time ago.

        I don’t mind paying someone fairly for quality work. Just know what the going rate for a plumber is and 8 hours is a significant amount of time.

        Same goes for paying a lawyer, but it doesn’t seem as bad when you get the bill but it comes out of the retainer fees you’ve already paid…

  6. BLZeebub says:

    Indeed, it’s the little things that make a happy home. That and cold beer and 18 yr-old scotch.

  7. Enjoy! A nice “early” Christmas present to yourself.

  8. Al Olme says:

    ‘Looking forward to the dance video. I have sympathy for you…’been working on a 100 year old house since it was just an 80 year old house and I’m nearly done. Similar work on a 99 year old rental property. At least I can expense some of my tools.

  9. jmwagle86 says:

    I also like the dance video idea, but my advice is to keep that front loader washing machine door OPEN when not in use. They have a reputation of mildewing, esp. when in a basement. Best of luck.

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