Hurry Up & Wait


I borrowed a four-pad random-orbit sander from a nice fellow in the Cincinnati Woodworking Club – thank you Ray! He also has a drum sander, but this floor was already stripped and flat(ish), so I’m saving the drum-sander joy for the rest of the house.

You know what you can’t just pick up at the home center? Any of the supplies or products I need to finish the guest bathroom floor. So thanks to the Internet, I’ve stuff coming from around the country. Because naturally, I couldn’t find everything I needed all in one place.

I spent most of yesterday sanding it up to #120  grit, then did my best with a palm sander and sanding block to knock off the splintery edges I created (oops) while pulling up bits of it to run the plumbing. (Taking out old floorboards sans damage is quite a skill – and despite a fair amount of practice, I’m at best semi-skilled.)

I have garnet shellac “Tiger Flakes” coming from Tools for Working Wood in New York. I’ll spray two coats of that in a #2 cut to a) impart some warmth and color and b) block any lingering odors I wasn’t able to sand out.

From Midwest Flooring Distributors in South Dakota, I’m awaiting a 12″ floor coater and sleeves for it, and a couple trim pads. (I know I’ll need but one sleeve and pad for this job, but refinishing floors is such great fun…I might be doing it again…if not soon.)

And from the shopping aggregator Jet (so it could be coming from anywhere), Bona “Mega” in satin. I’ll put two – maybe three – coats of that atop the dewaxed shellac. Yes, yes. I know – “Mega” is waterborne and not quite as durable as an oil-based poly – but I can’t afford to move myself and the cats out while VOCs dissipate from any sort of oil-based finish. (I used the two-part “Traffic” on the kitchen cork at the old place – a bit stinky, and a limited shelf life once the catalyzer is added. I’m going for the easy solution this time.)

I’m hopeful I’ll have everything before next weekend so I can get the finish done … because for the two weekends after, I’m already booked. This has gone on far too long already!

While I wait, I’m trying to find an expert to pour or fabricate the shower pan for the bath off my bedroom. There’s not much I’m afraid to try…but a shower pan is among the things I’m afraid to try. Poor results could be catastrophic.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying this stunning floor treatment:



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8 Responses to Hurry Up & Wait

  1. J.C. says:

    You rock, sistah! You do us all proud that habitually “manage” restoration/remodeling projects on our own abode. I’ll pour one to your progress in a couple of hours. Maybe two. Cheers, mate!

  2. johncashman73 says:

    I’ve used the Bona Mega and Traffic. I found no difference in wear with either one. Both are great finishes.

  3. Dave Reedy says:

    You amaze me. Where do you find the time and energy? You have a full time job, you edit everyone’s books, and remodel your home.

    • fitz says:

      Well thank you. But really, it’s because I have no social life or immediate family. That leaves plenty of time for projects of one kind or another. Otherwise, I’d just sit on the couch and be lonely – can’t have that!

  4. SSteve says:

    Why is the outlet in the bottom photo so high? Was there a counter there?

    • fitz says:

      Yes; this room was formerly the kitchen for what was the second-floor apartment. And I’ll be building a counter/storage of some kind there eventually, because the laundry will be opposite the open doorway (oh right…gotta hang a door!) as soon I redo the downstairs kitchen (so I can run the drain down the basement – just couldn’t bear to tear out the kitchen cabinets below to get to that wall right now).

  5. Steven V Green says:

    I’m by no means the last word in cat odor, although I’ve been a tradesman all my life. I thought you had to use lacquer over cat pee to seal it?

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