A Thousand Cuts

backwallAs a freelance editor without a steady income, what better decision than to hire tiling professionals for the bathroom renovation, I ask you? I’ve tiled a couple of bathrooms myself, after all, and they turned out pretty nice. But one was just the floor; the other was a shower with two tile walls, a glass panel on a third wall and a glass door, with a one- piece marble curb (and the floor). My neighbor loaned me his tile saw.

This one is significantly trickier (and no tile-saw-loaning neighbor). The 3′ x 7′ shower has four tiled walls (up to 7′) with two niches and a tiled curb, and the doorless shower entrance will be framed out all around with mitered bullnose on both sides. In the remaining 7′ x 10′ space, there is wainscoting up to 42″ on all four walls, two of which are old-fashioned not-at-all flat plaster (and one of which has a window around which to wrap), a black pencil liner, then bullnose. Oh – and the floor.


Maybe I could have done that? I wasn’t brave enough to find out.

The (highly unlikely) worst-case scenario is that this hobo woodworker/editor life doesn’t work out and I have to sell the place – it has to look better than pretty nice. And (knock on wood) if I stay, I want it done right and well for me.


But right and well takes time (and it would have taken me far longer). At least one tile guy has been here every day since Feb. 26, and most days, there are two. I’m told it will be done by this Friday (with the possibility of having to grout next Monday and clean up on Tuesday).

I can’t wait – I’m tired of having to time my trips to the one working-but-sans-door bathroom to match the guys’ trips outside to the tile saw.


I did do all the framing, and stripped, refinished, then installed the trim work. Of course.

About fitz

Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.
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4 Responses to A Thousand Cuts

  1. tombuhl says:

    Wishing you a satisfying outcome. As long as it is taking the tile folks, imagine how long it would have taken you. Yikes. Should be awesome when completed.

  2. rons54 says:

    That is going to be one classy WC when done.

  3. J.C. says:

    t’will all be worth it in the end, friend. And I am sure you will thrive as a freelancer. Market yourself, use your connections, call in favors and work it! You will never ever regret it. ‘cept for maybe not having done it sooner. LOL

    P.S. That bathroom will be shuweeeeet when it’s done.

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