Will Build (and Edit) to Suit


Dutch Tool Chest, open

The majority of my income now comes from freelance editing (and I have some woodworking-related writing projects in the pipeline), but I also like to make stuff. I built a fair number of large pieces during my tenure as managing editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine – and fewer when I was editor (meetings and administrivia took up a lot of time). You can see some of those on the “Woodworking Projects” page I’ve just added to my site.

With fewer meeting to attend, I’m enjoying more time in the shop; I’m helping Christopher Schwarz with some of his woodworking projects and doing a few of my own. I’ve just finished for a customer the Dutch Tool Chest pictured above, for example, and I’d be happy to make another (or 10). The price is $700 as pictured (no innards, commercial strap hinges and lifts), plus shipping. I’ll paint it any color that General Finishes offers in its “Milk Paint” – buyer’s choice. (Hardware upgrades, saw tills, tool racks etc. can all be added). The chest pictured here is Queenstown Grey.

I’d also be happy to make other shop and furniture pieces to suit, and to pick up more editing and writing work (woodworking or other). If I can be of help, please contact me at 1snugthejoiner@gmail.com.

About fitz

Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.
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3 Responses to Will Build (and Edit) to Suit

  1. boardbranchwoodworks says:

    The tool chest is beautiful. Love the crisp clean edges. Is the chest made of poplar? I have been using the Old Fashioned brand Milk Paint lately. Just curious as to why you prefer the premixed General Finishes Milk Paint. I am very new to it so I am naive as to the reasons to prefer either.

    • fitz says:

      Thanks! I’ve used and like the Old Fashioned Milk Paint (it’s what I used on my own English tool chest, and it’s what’s on the base of my bench at Lost Art Press). But the GF is a bit easier to use – fewer coats are needed, too. That said, it doesn’t give quite the same look. But it’s still a good look!

    • fitz says:

      Oh, and yes, it’s poplar.

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