Donor-Made – EAIA 2018


Bob Vogel – Shaker oval boxes.

At the 2018 Early American Industries Association annual meeting (held this year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), one of the things I most enjoyed (beyond meeting everyone, of course!) was the silent auction, to which members donate items to raise money for the organization. There was lots of good stuff therein, but I was particularly drawn to those offerings made by EAIA members (one of which was member Milton Bacheller’s book on American marking gauges that I bought for the Mechanical Library at Lost Art Press). Above and below are shown just a few of those items (with my apologies for the poor pictures…light was limited and I had only my not-so-new phone as a camera).

Members come from all backgrounds, and while not all are “makers,” what we have in common is an appreciation for the tools of the trades of any early American industry, be it woodworking, fiber arts, blacksmithing, tinsmithing, ice house implements, leatherwork, distilling, mining, boatbuilding, agriculture, mills of all sorts…the list is darn-near endless. (That’s a not-so-subtle hint that if you’ve an interest in early tools for just about any trade to please consider joining, and/or consider talking with me about about sharing your knowledge in a future* Chronicle article!)


William McMullen – Tin sconces.


Pam Howard – Hand-woven scarf.


Don Griffin – Turned Goblets.


Ron Howard – Holdfast.


Ed Lutjens – White oak pail.


Dale Griffins – tole-painted plate.

* I take the reins as editor with the Autumn 2018 issue – a daunting task. Patty MacLeish’s shoes will be hard to fill; she’s done a sterling job with the publication for almost two decades!

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Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.
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1 Response to Donor-Made – EAIA 2018

  1. Pam Howard says:

    Gosh so nice to see my scarf on your blog…..Ron’s holdfast as well. It was lovely meeting you at the EAIA conference and I am already thinking of an article or two for you as well. Of course, it will be on fiber tools. WELCOME to EAIA! Pam

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