‘English Arts & Crafts Furniture’


I’m proud of most of the work I did at Popular Woodworking, but championing Nancy Hiller’s gorgeous new book, “English Arts & Crafts Furniture,” is near the top of my list of PW accomplishments. Heck – I was so invested in helping to make it a success that I continued working on it after I’d left the company.

Nancy commences with a look at the history of the movement, and ponders if we should even consider it a style. As she points out, the design differences among the  works of Gustav Stickley, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott and Ernest Gimson (among others) are legion, with more dissimilarities than commonalities, yet the ethos of John Ruskin is evident in much of it.


She also includes plans and instruction for three somewhat lesser-known English Arts & Crafts furniture pieces – C.F.A. Voysey’s “Two Heart Chair,” a Harris Lebus sideboard and my favorite, Ernest Gimson’s hayrake table. You’ll find drawings and step-by-step plans for each.

“English Arts & Crafts Furniture” is available now at shopwoodworking.com, Amazon and other booksellers, or you can get it from Nancy in person – click here for a list of upcoming signing/release events.


CHAPTER 1: Is Arts & Crafts a Style?
Ruskin’s Moral Elements of Gothic
William Morris
The Projects in this Book

CHAPTER 2: Voysey Two Heart Chair
An Intimate Assignation with a Chair
C.F.A. Voysey: Raising the Standard of British Design
Keeping Voysey’s Legacy Alive (on David Berman)
The Chair
Building the Chair
Cathryn Peters, the Wicker Woman

CHAPTER 3: Harris Lebus: Furniture for Everyman
Harris Lebus
Defining Details (on Ann Ryan Miller)
Harris Lebus Sideboard

CHAPTER 4: Gimson & the Barnsleys: Craft for the Maker
Going Up the Country
Hayrake Table
Decorative Gouging
Butterfly Keys

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3 Responses to ‘English Arts & Crafts Furniture’

  1. nrhiller says:

    Thanks, Megan! Working on this book was one of the high points of my career. It provided an ideal opportunity to bring my academic background to bear on the history of a movement I’ve long admired. I will always be grateful to you for referring Scott Francis to me as a possible author on this topic, and I look forward to toasting you in person one day soon.

  2. Kent Ryan says:

    Megan & Nancy,
    I am looking forward to the receipt of my copy of The Book.
    Can’t think of anything more promising than Hiller on English Arts and Crafts Furniture edited and shepherded by Fitz! I am sure The Book will easily surpass my expectations.
    A fan of y’all!

  3. Jeff Branch says:

    I just ordered my copy!

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