Nancy Hiller in Town Aug. 11!


Nancy Hiller and her Harris Lebus sideboard.

Nancy Hiller is among my favorite people. She is not only a talented woodworker and designer, she’s a good friend and a hilarious one – I always laugh a lot when she’s around. So I’m excited that Nancy will be in town on August 11 at Lost Art Press to sign copies of her latest book, “English Arts & Crafts Furniture” (where I suspect you could cajole her to sign copies of her previous book, “Making Things Work,” too).

The book is a good one – like Nancy, it’s erudite without being stuffy, funny (when appropriate) and full of excellent information. Christopher Schwarz agrees, which is why he’s hosting this event at his storefront, even though “English Arts & Crafts Furniture” was published by Popular Woodworking (the last project I championed there).

Nancy is bringing one of the projects from the book, a C.F. Voysey Two-Heart Chair, for your inspection (another of the projects, a Harris Lebus sideboard is pictured above in the background, on location in the PW photo studio). She’ll also give a short reading from the book…and rumor (rumour?) has it there will be an England-themed piñata filled with English goodies (give me any and all toffee, please!).

The event starts at 7 p.m., and is free, but tickets are required (so that we can stock the fridge and snack table with enough food and drinks for everyone). Click here to register.

I’m hoping I can also entice her over to my house. I could use her expert help in thinking through some design challenges for my bathroom sink!


That damn awkward drain! ARGGGHH!!!! (The sewing machine table is but temporary.)

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5 Responses to Nancy Hiller in Town Aug. 11!

  1. johncashman73 says:

    For a moment, I thought you were going to have a treadle-powered sink.

  2. claydeforge says:

    Way Cool!

  3. J.C. says:

    I’m conjuring a tall old-school water closet with an oak tank top and matching seat with antique brass plumbing. In a few years it will gain that coveted green patina around the fittings THEN you coat them with brass lacquer. Ç’est ci voilà!

  4. CelesteCAT says:

    1. Go for steampunk and make the pipes a feature (as J.C. suggested, with copper or brass).
    2. Standard contractor solution: tall cabinet with false cupboard base (preferably in red oak :;).

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