‘The Chronicle’ – America’s Material Culture History

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My first issue as editor is the one on the far right, with corn-husking gloves on the cover. Do not confuse corn-husking gloves with massage gloves.

With the September of The Chronicle – the journal of the Early American Industries Association (EAIA) – arriving in mailboxes, I’m now at work on the December issue. (My fervent hope is that it actually delivers in December; getting delivery and cover dates to match up is among my goals.)

As a member of EAIA , you get the print journal (The Chronicle) four times a year, Shavings, the quarterly e-newsletter (with information about EAIA meetings and events, tool auctions and more), and a discount on direct purchases from Astragal Press.

The Chronicle offers a wide array of articles on the tools, trades and industries that helped to build America: woodworking; carpentry; textile production; cookery; blacksmithing; farming; clock making; millinery; ice production; luthiery; metal production; glass; coopering; milling; masonry; brick making; brick laying; water delivery; stone cutting; boatbuilding; slating; printing; cheesemaking…the list could go on and on. (I’ve learned a massive amount of fascinating information about our collective material culture history in the last couple of months as I’ve read through back issues!) And if you have scholarly research on any of these topics and more that you’d like to see in print, I’d love to hear from you (either at editor@eaiainfo.org or 1snugthejoiner@gmail.com.)

Here’s a look at what’s inside the September issue, and below that, download Peter Follansbee’s tribute to Jennie Alexander:


Click the link below to download a PDF of “A Greenwood Revolution Legacy:
Jennie Alexander, 1930-2018,” from The Chronicle Volume 71, no. 3.



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5 Responses to ‘The Chronicle’ – America’s Material Culture History

  1. John says:

    Read PF’s commentary. Profound sentimentality wrapped up in personality praise in the best possible way. I read this is as a true and honest heartfelt tribute to the tipping point in Peter’s career. We should all have these signal guideposts in our careers and I regret not having one in mine in spite of many excellent managers and mentors.

  2. johncashman73 says:

    Megan, are there any plans to update The Chronicle’s digital collection? The DVD I have is fantastic, but it only goes through 2008.

    • fitz says:

      That project is not technically in my purview, but I sure hope so! (And I’m recommending it.)

      • johncashman73 says:

        I finally joined the EAIA again, in large part because of you. I’d been a member at various times over the last 30 years or so, but it’s one of those things that fell by the wayside when things got busy. I’ll try to keep on top of it in the future. I think youll be very good for them, and vice-versa.

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