Tools & Chest for Sale at LAP Saturday


Maple till slides for my new ATC interior (you can see my final exterior paint job in the background).

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been putting finish on my new “Anarchist’s Tool Chest” for as many days as I spent making it. (Because I’m an idiot and didn’t test my topcoat, then had to strip it and repaint. Don’t be an idiot like me.) But I’m now (finally!) working on the interior, and will be transferring my tools from my old and smaller chest to the new one late Friday or early Saturday.

My old chest, which served me well for years at Popular Woodworking and more recently at Lost Art Press, has become too crowded now that I have the majority of my furniture-making kit at LAP instead of at home (plus doubles on some tools to loan to students). So the chest I’m finishing up now will replace my vintage one, and I’ll have it for sale this Saturday at the LAP open house (10 a.m.-5 p.m., 837 Willard St., Covington, Ky., 41011).

I bought the vintage chest (with one deep till and one shallow till) from Christopher Schwarz in 2007 or so, for $100 if I correctly recall, and I’m selling it for $80. The original owner’s stamp is on the front (but so is Chris’, and my name is on the interior – so it’s worth less now!), it has nice lifts, and I still have the key to the working lock. The great thing about this chest, unlike the ATC, is that it fits easily into the hatch or backseat of most cars.


You can see my vintage chest – the one for sale – in the background to the left.

I’ll also have some perfectly good but superfluous-to-me tools (all of which are at least gently used) for sale – I’d rather they be used than gather dust in my basement (and OK…because I need to buy a band saw). Mostly, these are things I bought for magazine tool tests and didn’t actually need, or tools I once used and loved but have since replaced with tools I love more (what can I say – I’m fickle). So far (and there might be more – I’m still digging), these include: 13 ounce round mallet from Blue Spruce Toolworks ($55) (I prefer my 16 ounce one…probably because it’s blue); Veritas Fast-Action Hold-Down ($50); Glen-Drake Tite-Hammer #4 – 14 ounces ($45 – this one is well used; I used it for four years or so while chopping dovetails); Lee Valley nail set (set of three) ($10); Lee Valley Cast Round Spokeshave (a close copy of the Preston 1374 ($45); Gramercy Gent’s Saw (price TBD); two (3/8″ and 1/2″) Blue Spruce paring chisels ($55 each); Veritas Low-Angle Smooth Plane ($130); Gramercy dovetail saw ($100 – this is also well-used, by Chris, then by me…and I confess that it needs sharpening). Cash or check only…and only on site – but if after Saturday there is anything remaining, I’ll post it here.

Oh – and Chris is trying to convince me to sell my Lie-Nielsen No. 4 (I usually use my no. 3). It’s possible I might cave. But that bronze No. 4 is the first good plane I bought, I bought it directly from Thomas Lie-Nielsen, and I am surprisingly sentimental about my tools. So it’s possible I won’t.


Note: It’s possible that Chris and Brendan Gaffney might also have a tool or two on offer.

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19 Responses to Tools & Chest for Sale at LAP Saturday

  1. I have such a similar story about my bronze LN #4. It was the first premium plane I ever bought and it changed the whole game for me. But I really do use my #3 so much more. I have thought and thought and thought about selling the #4, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It is so much of where my journey started.

  2. Any thoughts on your new bandsaw? I’ve been eyeing the Laguna 12/14 and the Bx versions. Any help is appreciated from the trusted audience here.

    • fitz says:

      I’m buying – from a trusted source – a used Jet 14″ w/a 6″ riser block, so my options are limited. If it plugs in, I likely don’t know enough about it to offer advice 🙂

    • Greg Flora says:

      Shawn – I couldn’t find a decent used 14″ band saw around me so I ended up buying the Laguna 14Twelve (local dealer had one at a good price). It’s been an excellent saw thus far. I’ve been re-sawing to my heart’s content.

      • Thanks Greg (and Megan)

      • James Uber says:

        I totally agree on the 14/12, I bought one 5-6 years ago (after a good review in PWW) and have never had a bad word to say about it. LOVE the ceramic guides, much quicker to reset when changing blade sizes. I can resaw 12″ Red Oak with no problems with a $40 3/4″ blade!

    • jfthomas70 says:

      I had a minimax 16 a few years back, loved it.
      Had to downsize and it’s gone. 220 volts 5 hp motor, it would cut anything. Very similar to the Lugna.

  3. Let me know if you get un-sentimental about that no.4 😉

  4. Michael Trangaris says:

    I were closer I would call dibs on the chest!😜👍

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  6. Todd Estlow says:

    Hi Megan I am not going to be mobil for another month or so but if you feel like sending the plane to the Jersey Shore please let me know, I can add a couple dollars for shipping. It would honor me to knw I helped the bandsaw fund goodluck!

    • fitz says:

      Thanks for the offer…but I don’t think I’m ready to let the No. 4 go (if that’s the one you mean). But if it’s the LA smoother and it doesn’t sell Saturday, I’ll let you know 🙂

  7. Todd Estlow says:

    Sorry Megan I meant the LV and thank you very much.

  8. Scott Hampshire says:

    Oh man, those Blue Spruce chisels are a sight to behold. Probably a good thing I’m nowhere near close enough to make the dent in my wallet.

  9. Andrew Brant says:

    Interesting you’re selling that Lee Valley cast spokeshave – I have one, but I’ve never mastered the round bottom on it. But it seems like it would be perfect, if only I could get it down. Are you not so much a fan or is it redundant for your collection?

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