My Ridiculous Favorite ATC Touch

keeperI love everything about my new “Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” It’s now easy for me to find just the tool I need in one quick grab…without having to dig through piles of stuff or check multiple boxes. And it’s but a few moments’ work to put stuff away at the end of the day (which I know neatnik Christopher Schwarz appreciates).

But what I like most is my most ridiculous aesthetic touch: the lid stay.  OOOOOooooo shiny!

It is a 2mm “light-duty twisted-link, tangle resistant, nickel-plated steel chain” from McMaster-Carr – not a wallet chain I stole off a hipster. It’s held in place on both ends by 8/32 female-threaded “pear knob cap finials” in polished nickel (from Grand Brass Lamp Parts). The finials are screwed on short lengths of 8/32 running thread that I hacksawed to length, then epoxied in place in pilot holes.


I also ordered knurled “battery head screws” from the lamp parts store, in case the finials looked weird. But they look just weird enough…which is to say perfect.




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15 Responses to My Ridiculous Favorite ATC Touch

  1. rustlerrd says:

    Oh that is beautiful. What a great idea. You know you are a star when you add bling that has a purpose.

  2. Coop Janitor says:

    Gorrom, that’s shiny. Don’t sully it too quick….

  3. snwoodwork says:

    Your pictures are not helping me fight off the urge to build one of these.

  4. Peter Corfield says:

    I really like the colour you decide on for the chest. Looks sharp!

  5. dtugboat says:

    Looks great, just wonder about putting it on the inside where it can’t snag on things. It does help you immediately ID your box from a collection on a job site.

    • fitz says:

      I have a Dutch tool chest for travel. This on will stay in pretty much one spot in the shop, so I don’t have to worry too much about it snagging. If I did put it on the inside, I’d have to make the top till shorter or narrower to accommodate the finial…or use a boring wood screw 🙂

  6. johncashman73 says:

    Thanks for spoiling it for me. I had pictured you pinning a hipster to the ground ripping the chain off.

  7. nrhiller says:

    That looks just wonderful.

  8. texasbelliott says:

    Looks great. I wouldn’t have considered installing it on the outside of the chest, but the way you have it makes sense. Love the color, too!

  9. *snort* Nice hipster trunk.Next it’s going to get extensive all black stenciling going down both sides?

    Maybe you can talk Chris into changing the name of the shop to “Skull & Jackal”? Or “Spoon & Anchor”?
    Or you could find one you like…

  10. justiain says:

    It’s the little and special details that can mean the most!

  11. Quercus Robur says:

    It looks like the chest got a chained cuff earring. Hipster indeed!

  12. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Super! That’s a really fine looking chest, Now you need to have your name properly applied to it. Maybe a nIce incised Roman serif done in silver to key off the chain and finials? How about your name in Gaelic?

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