Getting a Leg Up

Yesterday morning, I picked up some nice 8/4 cherry at Paxton Lumber (thank you, Greg, for searching through the back for the perfect stick); today, I milled it down into eight 34″-long x 1-7/8-square sticks and stickered it on my bench.

And there the wood will sit for a few days in hopes that it remains straight and flat – but if it doesn’t, I have a little wiggle room to correct that. My leg dimensions as drawn are 1-3/4″ square, but if I can leave them a little heavy, I will.

My plan calls for four legs, though I’m considering adding two more (at the stile that divides the door section from the drawer section) to beef up the construction. The base will be topped with a 1-1/2″-thick x 64″-long soapstone slab, a 4″-wide soapstone backsplash and a carved soapstone sink. I don’t know the weight of those, but I imagine they’re not light. My initial thought was a recessed leg at that location to help bear the weight – one that wouldn’t show.

No matter my decision, I’ve six nice rift-grain sticks, which is what I want for the legs. The other two are to play around with.

The cherry for the frame members and drawer fronts is in the basement – I picked that up from Frank Miller Lumber a couple months ago. The basement is semi-climate controlled…so it’s semi-acclimated. So tomorrow, I’ll bring that up and cut it to rough size.

My hope is that I’ll be done with the base by the end of the month…then it’ll be a four- to six-week wait on the top and sink. (I’m afraid to place that order until I know the exact sizes on the thing on which it will sit.)

I look forward to being able to shower and brush my teeth in the same bathroom. And I look forward to my en-suite bathroom project being completely done…after I also make the plumbing-access-panel cover for behind the toilet, install the wood-frame window and hang the door.

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11 Responses to Getting a Leg Up

  1. getbax says:

    The entirety of your bathroom looks excellent. Nice finish choices are worth the wait. I love that you chose the “warmth” of soapstone for a top and sink and can’t wait to see how that looks. Happy Saturday!

  2. pathdoc75 says:

    Fitz, You are spot on waiting until the base is done before ordering the sink/top. When I redid my master bath, the Company that made the granite top and sink assembly, for me, would not even begin to cut it until they came and took the measurements, as my unit had walls on both ends and no wiggle room except for under the side splashes and the narrow, coped side moldings. So waiting is right way to go.
    Michael O’Brien

    • fitz says:

      Mine will have 2″ overhangs on either side – so my concern is getting the sink centered between the doors. I don’t trust myself to get those doors dead-on 12″ wide…which they won’t be if I leave the leg stock at 1-7/8″!

  3. Anthony says:

    Great Progress .

  4. Andrew Brant says:

    Uh, where can one get that cat toiler paper holder? Not to distract from the main event of woodworking, which is awesome, but I love that.

  5. Nilzeitung says:

    for you and all dear family health and success with your blog !!!

  6. Bruce Lee says:

    If you can calculate board feet you should have no trouble working out the weight of the soapstone top – 149.83 pounds per cubic foot – call it 12 and a half pounds (about 200 oz) per board foot. The sink will be a bit harder, I’d guess 1.5 to 2 times the flat measurement.

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