Colonial Homestead – Well Worth a Drive

I’ve been listening to folks wax poetic about Dan Raber’s Colonial Homestead for a couple of years, and I now know why.

Chris Williams, Christopher Schwarz, Terry West (Christopher’s mother) and I took a drive up to Ohio’s beautiful Amish region on Tuesday for cheese, broasted chicken and gorgeous scenery; we made a point of stopping in Millersburg to see Raber’s tool store and school, the Artisans Guild.

I was expecting a jumble of old tools through which to wade for the good stuff – but it was almost all good stuff, and nicely arranged. It was, in fact, a bit overwhelming. (I did walk away with a nice Starrett 4″ rule…of which one can apparently never have too many…)

Here’s a few pictures, to complement those posted by Christopher on the Lost Art Press blog – including my sentimental favorite, a well-used Nicholson bench in the school.

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9 Responses to Colonial Homestead – Well Worth a Drive

  1. Lory Henning says:


  2. Kyle Barton says:

    Road Trip!

  3. Kerry doyle says:

    Good Lord!

  4. johncashman73 says:

    Wow. Wow.

  5. RMPatrick says:

    Uncanny, almost came down to Colonial Homestead from Cleveland on Tuesday, but delayed the trip till Thursday, not realizing it was assention day. This was my second trip and couldn’t agree more. Great shop in a beautiful place. Can’t wait to take some classes.

  6. Todd D Reid says:

    Did you go in the basement?

  7. BLZeebub says:

    My kind of candy store!

  8. SHANE MARTIN says:

    Man, it took me forever to find this place a few years ago by looking through photos from antique dealers all over Ohio via google maps. You guys can go, but, please, leave something for me. 😉

    FYI, the guy is always pushing a copy of Mortise and Tenon on me when I check out.

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