‘Brusha Brusha Brusha’


I’ll bet your dentist also hands out toothbrushes that you don’t particularly like. Those used to go in my office drawer for emergency brushing situations, but now that my office is about 25′ from my bathroom and preferred toothbrush, I take those brushes to the shop.

I use hide glue when possible because – among other reasons – it’s easy to clean up drips of it with hot water and a wet rag. But a rag can’t get into corners or other tight spaces to tackle squeeze-out, such as where the skirt meets the carcase on this tool chest. But – with a bucket of hot water handy for brush dunking – I can easily scrub those areas with a toothbrush.

This chest will get painted (the customer chose Coastal Blue), so I didn’t have to remove all trace of the glue – but I didn’t want any beads or drips remaining. It’s easier to scrub those away with the glue still runny.

I’ve an appointment next week with the dentist. Good thing; the shop cache of toothbrushes is due for a refresh.

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8 Responses to ‘Brusha Brusha Brusha’

  1. If you run out of toothbrushes you can buy them very cheap in bulk. As little as $0.10 each. It’s much cheaper than going to the dentist. Also, check the bottom shelf a WalMart.

  2. wb8nbs says:

    You’re REALLY giving away your age when you remember an Ipana commercial jingle.

    • fitz says:

      I don’t actually remember it! I’m not sure how I know it, but I do.

      • ctdahle says:

        Betcha you’re too young to remember the actual toothpaste, but barely old enough enough to remember the musical “Grease”. Pretty sure the was a version of the commercial in the tv version of the musical to provide a bit of verisimilitude.

        However as I am old enough to have actually used Ipana toothpaste, my recollection may be utterly erroneous.

  3. Brian Smith says:

    Thanks for cluing me in to hide glue. I now love the stuff! I have a quick question about hinges on a Dutch tool chest. Contact me if you have time sometime please.

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