Tool Chest Classes Near & Far

ATCBlueWhile there are a few spots remaining in a couple of my 2020 classes at Lost Art Press,  the tool chest classes are sold out – but I’ll be teaching a couple of other Anarchist’s Tool Chest classes next year, and registration is now open for both. One is close to home in Berea, Ky.; the other is in one of the most lovely places in the U.S. (IMHO), Port Townsend, Wash.

The first is June 1-5, 2020, at the Woodworking School at Pine Croft, a new school run by Berea College, in Berea, Ky. … that’s really an old school – Berea College bought the august Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking last year (Kelly is still involved as an instructor), and classes are held in the same (stunning and well-stocked) two-story shop that Kelly built. It’s a lovely area of the country to visit (as a Kentucky girl, I might be biased), with rolling green hills, horses, bourbon and Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill nearby.

The second is July 20-24, at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking – a school founded by Jim Tolpin, John Mackworth and Tim Lawson to teach traditional woodworking skills. The school is great (good tools, good people) – but I also love it for its location – come for the woodworking fun, stay for the well-preserved Victorian seaport, stunning sea views and perfect weather. (It’ll likely be 95°F or so in Cincinnati when I’m enjoying an average high of 73° in the Pacific Northwest.)

And the weekend before the ATC class (July 18-19), I’m teaching a two-day Moxon Vise class at Port Townsend…because that shop fixture is a godsend when dovetailing large panels. Those tend to cup a bit, and the Moxon vise (aka twin-screw vise) flattens ’em right out, making transfer easy. I also use my Moxon for all dovetailing and other sawing work, because it lifts the work to a comfortable working height while holding the work securely.


The Moxon vise shown on my bench here is actually Christopher Schwarz’s; mine is on the shelf below. I’m showing Chris’s in use because it has that fancy lamb’s tongue detail, such as we’ll be putting on our Port Townsend vises. (It’s not just a pretty touch – the relieved front edge keeps you from cutting into your vise as you’re cutting on an angle.)

And I might have another not-in-Covington class or two to announce in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.



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2 Responses to Tool Chest Classes Near & Far

  1. dd knab says:

    I have been to the school 10 or 11 times, the most recent last year after Berea had taken over…Kelly and Andy Glenn taught the class….fabulous……if you have ever thought about taking a woodworking class, this is the place!! almost magical

  2. haenisch says:

    Do one at Dictum in Germany, I’ll come !

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