‘The only thing we have to fear…’

signThere’s a sign in my yard; I guess that makes it official. (Non-pro and possibly erroneous tip: Choose a realty company with marketing materials that complement or match your house colors.)

And, I got feedback from yesterday’s viewers; it seems despite the screen door issues, they managed to get in, and either did not notice the egregious mildew spot or were too polite to mention it.

I was told, “Property shows great, is somewhat overpriced, buyers really want a garage. Thought maybe they’d love the house enough to give that up, but no luck. Showed great though, and is a lovely home with nice flow and room sizes. Third floor bath is a huge plus.”

Well that’s all good (except for the price comment, and that’s to be expected), so I’m pleased. I, too, wish they loved it enough to overlook the lack of garage. I love it just a hair short of enough to continue to overlook that, hence the “For Sale” sign.

This Sunday, I’ve an early afternoon showing, then an open house from 1-3 p.m. I’m not too concerned about the individual showing(s), but I am fearful at the thought of having a bunch of people traipsing unaccompanied through the house.

I worry about stupid things (a list which now includes door handles inexplicably falling off) such as inadvertent (or malicious) coffee spills on the new carpet, muddy footprints on my freshly cleaned floors and my smoothing plane walking away (despite having been tucked away in my tool chest). I know these are ridiculous fears, but knowing that doesn’t help to alleviate them.

Of more concern is that of my 2.75* cats, only one can handle the influx of strangers (and he’s likely to see an open door as an invitation to saunter outside while no one is looking); the other 1.75 are likely to cower in fear for days to come (and possibly to pee everywhere).

But I’ve got to get this place sold…in large part because the thought of having to keep it neat and sparkling clean for any extended time period is anathema. More important, however, is that I’ve made an offer on another house, and we’re in the negotiation phase. While I’m loathe to jinx things by even mentioning it, it seems possible that, against expectations, it may actually work out…assuming I get an acceptable offer here. (No pictures or more on that front until/unless it’s a done deal, though. And just in case, I’m still staking out a comfy overpass).

*One of my cats, Possum, has only three legs; he’s the .75.

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12 Responses to ‘The only thing we have to fear…’

  1. adamwelker says:

    I’ve got space in my 1000 square foot shop for another bench and tool chest. And a spare room to boot… you just need to move to Virginia:-)

  2. John Switzer says:

    The only thing we have to fear is spiders. Oh and snakes, the only thing we have to fear is soiders and snakes. Oh and zombies, the only thig we have to fear is spiders, snakes and zombies. Oh and lets not forget the Spanish Inquisition

  3. Dan Roper says:

    When we put our hovel in progress when it was completed on the market, my sweetie had the good sense to put pictures in each room that showed before and after…….even I was shocked and impressed at the difference…and I did the work! The house was on the market for 6 days. The buyers realtor came by for some kind of follow up. I answered the door and when she came in she looked somewhat shocked and said, “You actually live like this. We thought the house and been staged. I replied “Yes we live like this.” And after she had left I said that I did not finish that statement……..”Yes we live like this for 10 ***damn days now!” I wish you good fortune with your adventure.

  4. Here’s hoping your house buying prospects don’t google you and find your blog.

    • fitz says:

      Ah, but I’ve fixed the problems – and it’s good that I found out about them early on. Now it’s as perfect as possible.

  5. I think I might start judging this blog by how many words I have to look up. I only had to look up one today (anathema). And just to be clear, I like learning new words so this is a good thing.

  6. Dave Reedy says:

    So tou have 4 1/2 cats? (2.75+1.75)

  7. neatherywise says:

    When we first toured the house we bought last year, there was some soothing music playing and an apple pie-scented candle. These staging efforts totally clouded our judgment and we couldn’t not buy the house. I wholeheartedly recommend you get a scented candle.

    • fitz says:

      Wendy, if I don’t get an offer before the Sunday open house, I’ll be heating up an actual apple pie on very low temp during. Then I’ll have something with which to assuage my growing panic.

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