This Smells a Bit Familiar

The back wall of my second-floor bath, mid rehab (featuring a curious framing approach for the old medicine cabinet...).

The back wall of my second-floor bath, mid tear-out (featuring a curious framing approach for the old medicine cabinet…).

Having to keep the bathroom pristine and looking as if it’s never been used (in preparation for last-second showings) makes it challenging to keep oneself in the same state. I’m living as if I’m a dirty hippie (albeit one who eschews patchouli).

It’s not that different from when I was rehabbing said bathroom. I ripped out everything down to the studs and slowly….very slowly…framed it back in, hung drywall and WonderBoard, had the shower installed, etc. I think it took me about five months from start to finish, and I was without a shower in the house for the duration. I alternated between taking baths on the third floor and running across the street to the shower of my friends Alli and David (thanks again guys!).

Now, I’ve one of our company’s interns living on my third floor for the summer, so I’d feel bad about using what is ostensibly “her” bath. And I don’t want to abuse the generosity of my friends and neighbors (and it’s kinda weird to shower across the street from one’s own home).

Instead, I just stink, and am cultivating a nice head full of dreadlocks.

OK – not really…much; I’m just going through a lot of glass cleaner and towels.

But patchouli may soon become a viable solution….

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6 Responses to This Smells a Bit Familiar

  1. Sorry, are you cleaning the bathroom a lot? Or are you bathing with glass cleaner and paper towels?

  2. lostartpress says:

    I remember those days. The time you *almost* smelled of something.

  3. Windex can fix anything.

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