The Creepy Drive-by

Cherry tree in spring.

Cherry tree in spring.

It is rather disquieting to be reading and realize you’re being watched.

Over the course of a couple hours yesterday, at least five cars did a slow crawl past the front windows then hung out at the stop sign for several minutes; I could see the occupants scrutinizing the house.

Here’s hoping they liked what they saw and will soon make a showing appointment (unless, of course, they were simply casing the joint).

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3 Responses to The Creepy Drive-by

  1. Could be worse. They could have gunned the engine in an attempt to flee the scene with hopes that no one saw them looking in the first place? We definitely had a few homes like that when we were house shopping several years ago!

  2. When we were house shopping a few years ago, I used to go into a Chris Farley-esque “stealth” mode when I would jump out of the car and try to sneak up to the box that holds the fliers to gab one.

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