Sod’s Law

catsWith no showings since last Friday, I’ve been letting things slide.

Last night, I left the toaster on the counter (along with some crumbs, no doubt), and I allowed my clean dishes to drip dry instead of using a towel then immediately putting them back in the cabinets.

I left yesterday’s clothes on the floor (alongside Tuesday’s), and my nightshirt is atop my unmade bed.

There are dust bunnies on the stairs, scuffs on the kitchen floor and the living room rug is sorely in need of vacuuming, though I can’t imagine why – I just vacuumed on Saturday. (I’d like you to meet, from left to right above, J.J., Viola and Possum.)

I left my damp towel on the hook behind the bathroom door this morning, did not wipe down the shower and there are two pair of shoes in the middle of the walk-in closet floor (I had a little trouble deciding on footwear today).

On the front porch are three yard-waste bags from Sunday’s marathon weeding session (five hours, which included trimming back trees and shrubbery, and approximately 1,000 mosquito bites). And it’s a good thing I managed to get off my butt and clean up the garden last weekend, because I just got a notice for a house showing at 4:30 p.m. I can get the house stuff done in just a couple hours, but the garden would be beyond me on short notice.

One (less-than-relaxing-or-fun) half-day of vacation, coming right up.

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3 Responses to Sod’s Law

  1. Gerald Jones says:

    Slacking has its way of catching up with you no matter what the circumstances are. Good luck on the showing…

  2. Norm Reid says:

    This all sounds sooo familiar–and I don’t even have the pressure of showings on my back! Love your cats! Of course, they have nothing to do with unclean floors, etc.

  3. john Hippe says:

    Years ago my family was selling our house in Minnesota. One evening when we returned after a showing, we found that our cat had brought us a present. In the middle of my brother’s room we found a bird carcas amongst a lot of feathers. We never did find out if the present was delivered by Taz before or after the showing. We did eventually sell the house, however, even though it was unfinished and had no walls downstairs — only studs — and I don’t me my brother and me…

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