Not Yet Ready For Prime Time

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.39.53 PMAfter the many, many dovetails I cut for the kitchen drawers (including those for the several boxes I made the wrong size…oops), added to those I cut at the Lie-Nielsen open house* two weeks back, I’m not yet ready to again pick up my DT saw (OK, one of my DT saws).

I’m now working on a project for PWM. A very rough model of the back is shown above; the front will be revealed in the mag. I’ve not yet worked out all (any, really) of the interior details. What I do know is that there isn’t one dovetail in it. Time to get reacquainted with my tenon saw (of which I have but one).

* For those of you who were in Maine, I was cutting less-than-stellar joints on purpose, dammit! The point was to show how to fix mistakes. Tactical error on my part; next time, I’ll pack some perfect corners. Or, ya know, demonstrate hand-cut mortise-and-tenon joints instead.

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4 Responses to Not Yet Ready For Prime Time

  1. John Horst says:

    The back looks great-will patiently wait for the front view.

  2. toolnut says:

    If you can’t figure out the front, make the back the front, add some shelves to the side we can’t see and call jt a bar. WOOHOO! (Or turn it around and call it a book case. It’s a twofer.)

  3. Bernie Ross says:

    This doesn’t relate to your blog, but I see you are a cat and woodworking lover. I discovered something that brings the two things together (and makes your cats wood lovers, too). It seems that cats react to Olive wood just like they do to catnip. I had a piece in my yard ready to be burned, when I noticed the neighborhood cats stopped to smell and rub their faces against it. I’ve tried it on about a dozen cats I know and it usually gets a reaction. Just cut a small block from Olive and toss it to the felines and watch! I think it is hilarious. Have fun,

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