Welcome-mat Voodoo

It once had a lovely motif of birds, branches and blooms. Really it did.

It once had a lovely motif of birds, branches and blooms. Really it did.

Curb appeal: That’s what my mother thinks caused my house to not sell last year. Well, not curb appeal, but the lack thereof. It all boiled down, she said, to the un-welcoming welcome mat. Never mind that the house has been recently painted and the garden actually has in it living and flowering plants.

I think that’s ridiculous. A 24″ x 36″ bit of coir simply can’t mean the difference between “I MUST buy this house!” and “RUN AWAY!” Can it?

But yeah, the mat was a bit ratty.

So, now that a) my house is off the market, b) I found a mat I like on sale and c) my mom can’t prove herself right,  I bought a new door mat.

Basically, it’s a $20 cat-scratching pad. But colorful! Not (yet) shredded! And welcoming! (The pineapple is, after all, the symbol for hospitality.)

And if someone comes knocking at my door with an offer, well, mom beats St. Joseph, and I will eat crow.


And oh dear. In looking at the above photo, I’m pretty sure her next directive will be to paint the black planters.

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11 Responses to Welcome-mat Voodoo

  1. Russell Pitner says:

    Certainly a lovely welcome to those friends approaching and hopefully no vandals or bums. A beautiful home it is. Is your LVL workbench in the home in addition to the mini roubo?

    • fitz says:

      Thank you. And nope — the “Gluebo” is what I use at work (when I have time to actually get into the shop!).

  2. Patrick says:

    First impressions are lasting.

  3. Might as well get the hand rail while you’re at it. 😉

    Like the pineapple! My two good friends found us a plaid welcome mat a few years ago. Pretty cool. 🙂 And, obviously, really great friends.

  4. John Horst says:

    OK. If you are really serious about selling your house in the future I can help. Find the first night of a full moon that is exactly one fortnight prior to the day you will list your home.Dig a hole at least one foot square and one foot deep in the back yard. At exactly midnight drink some bourbon and chant a few things that no one can understand. Throw the old mat in the hole. finish the bottle, throw it in the hole and go to bed. The next day cover the hole with dirt. I did this and my house sold within ten years.

  5. Alex Leslie says:

    At least the plants in your black planters aren’t dead. LOL! And the handrail could use a touch up…

    • fitz says:

      Thanks “mom” (actually, that hand rail is altogether an embarrassment. I should replace it with something a bit nicer).

  6. It’s lovely. I’ve been in my old house for 23 years and try to enjoy the journey. Just make sure the compressor is unplugged. I came home to a smoking service panel 15 years ago when mine was plugged into 1929 wiring.

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