Paint as Procrastination

Brazen cat.

Brazen cat.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been too busy at work to do much real on the house – and Daylight Saving Time isn’t helping (hard to do electric when it’s dark, and it’s not dark when I leave in the morning and dark when I get home).  Plus, there’s the wee problem that what comes next* is the either the bathroom or the kitchen … neither of which is a small, fast or inexpensive job.

So I’ve resorted to my favorite form of rehab procrastination: painting.

The old “landlord white” walls in the former second-floor kitchen are – after a good scrubbing with TSP – now a light blue-gray-green, the formerly Kelly green bathroom is a blue-gray and white (two-hours work that I’ll likely tear out in the next four months… but I simply couldn’t tolerate it any longer) and the kitchen is sunshine yellow instead of a depressing off-white. (The cabinets and countertops remain depressing.)

But I’m pretty much out of things I can justify painting. Except maybe the living room…but I can’t decide on a color. (Trying to avoid blue-gray. I expect I’ll fail.)

* The stairs are not yet done…I’m still hoping for the right handrail – lots of it – to show up at the local architectural salvage place. I fear I’ll have to give upon that shortly.

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10 Responses to Paint as Procrastination

  1. jmwagle86 says:

    I wish you lived closer; I have more than a couple of areas that need your style of rehab. I’d even buy the paint, most of the supplies, and half of the bourbon.

  2. Gye Greene says:

    Why are the cabinets depressing? They’re **wood** — not formica!


    • fitz says:

      No…they’re not. They’re something akin to Contact paper over MDF (except for the face and door frames…those are, I think, something that came from nature). And one of the doors looks as if someone put a fist through it.

  3. nathanbreidinger says:

    You could always turn your attention to the built-in desk! Can’t wait to see how that turns out.

  4. pmac says:

    Painting the cabinets might be an option until you are ready to update the kitchen. Fresh paint, like sharp, fixes everything. The downside would be the counter might look even more depressing. Good luck.

    • fitz says:

      That’s what I did at the last place…then hated the cabinets for 8 years until I got around to redoing everything. (The kitchen cabinets aren’t that difficult, really, and the layout won’t change a whole lot…so I might just build the uppers for more storage, and wait on the base cabinets until I can afford to do the floor and countertop, too. And hey – at least I no longer need new appliances!)

  5. Dave Reedy says:

    More like “Feline Flambe”.

  6. nateharold says:

    I procrastinate to avoid painting. But it is a high impact change – bright new rooms!

    We got a groupon for a local interior designer who picked colors for us. Then we spent weeks painting different splotches on the wall… only to return to exactly what the designer had picked in 1 hour.

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