I Need Professional Help

cubeI realize posting here is a long shot, but what the hell. See that empty cubicle in the photo above? I need an excellent copy editor/line editor/details-oriented person – who knows woodworking or is eager to learn the craft – to take it over.

Rodney Wilson, the former managing editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine, did an excellent job in the year or so he was here, but left to take a job more in line with his interests. I wish him nothing but good luck  – but he’s been gone for two workdays now and already, I miss him terribly.

I joined the Popular Woodworking staff in 2005 as managing editor. My plan was to stay for a year or two as I finished my Ph.D., then leave to teach early modern drama at a small college (so that I could help at least a handful of people learn to love Francis Beaumont’s “Knight of the Burning Pestle” as much as I do). But I fell in love with woodworking, and 12 years on, here I still sit. (I continue, however, to urge everyone to read at least a little Shakespeare.)

So I guess I’m looking for someone kind of like me (if perhaps better-tempered). Someone who loves the power of the well-written word and can help to effect that in our content, but who also likes makes things with his or her hands. Someone who understands how important it is to pay contributors on time, and who doesn’t mind the associated paperwork (well – it was paperwork when I started; now it’s on the computer). Someone who isn’t afraid to gently harangue writers (and, er, me) to get stuff done on schedule. Someone who loves having access to a full woodworking shop, and wants to build things and write about it. Someone who wants to live in Cincinnati – a marvelous city with excellent restaurants and services, and an incredible stock of affordable and historic housing (there’s newer homes, too of course…but where’s the fun in multiple working baths, I ask you?!).

The job posting is on our corporate website. If the above sounds fun to you, check it out – or pass it along to a qualified friend. Please!

Oh – and because an empty cubicle isn’t terribly enticing, here’s a few shots of the shop:


A couple table saws…


12″ jointer, 20″ planer, almost-hidden band saw and lathe …


Plenty of clamps, good hollow-chisel mortiser and drill presses, and plenty of hand tools in the window racks behind the clamps, and in drawers where you can’t see them…


And the terrifying storeroom (if you don’t already know, you don’t want to!).

About fitz

Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.
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21 Responses to I Need Professional Help

  1. nrhiller says:

    If I didn’t have my business, not to mention my marriage and home in Bloomington, I would be applying. It sounds like a wonderful job, especially with you as the boss.

  2. You have no idea how much I want to send a resume your way. But, like Nancy said, life…

    • fitz says:

      Well darn. I know lots of people (you and Nancy included) who would be great for the job – but not one of those people lives in Cincinnati. If only I could move operations to Down East (where one can’t shake a stick w/out finding someone to take said stick out of one’s hands to carve it into a spoon…)

    • We only get to do it once. I left a newspaper I had founded plus a beautiful Victorian cottage I had brought back from the dead. And I took a 20 percent pay cut to join the magazine’s staff.

      PW was the best job I’ve ever had.

      It’s not boasting. It’s just an acknowledgement that almost any situation can be overcome if you want it badly enough.

  3. snwoodwork says:

    My wife has a PhD in literature & is a hell of an editor & I love woodworking. Maybe with our powers combined…

  4. *sigh*

    With last year’s life changes, a move to Cincinnati is no longer a viable option. My Tiny Human comes first. 😦

    Dammit. (Not about crotch-fruit priorities; just about the job not being an option)

  5. Michael Trangaris says:

    If I were ten years younger and in need of an income as well as a woodworking shop I would be begging for an audition! It would be a dream job for me but I doubt my wife would accept the move.

  6. Peggy Schneider says:

    Too bad my degree and work experience are in the biological sciences. 😟

  7. Patrick says:

    I’m in the Nancy and James boat. (If it is still available in 2 years ( at the earliest, probably more like 4) I’m in!
    (I’m guessing you just freaked thinking about it being open that long.)

    In all seriousness, could the job be split into two positions with editing and other computer/electronic duties be done from out of state and the other need-to-be-in-the-office-duties as a separate job?

  8. Eric Key says:

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity, perfect topic, and a dream work environment. The experience requirements leave me out. I’m still silently (not so much now on a public page) hoping James-Son-Of-James takes the plunge.

  9. claydeforge says:

    I’m reel gud at writin’ ‘n dat edition’ stuff. Well, as a composer of classical music, I am highly trained, however, you may need someone more highly evolved for the lyric poetry that emanates from your computer.

    Peace and Harmony,

    Clay DeForge 541-556-1968


  10. Norman Reid says:

    If I were younger and not married, then…. I don’t suppose you could consider a long distance partnership.

  11. Ann says:

    Am assuming the shot of the dangerous door is recent. In which case, surely someone can find the time to remove the offending locking handle and throw it away! Rather hard to believe someone has not already done this! A normal Quikset knob, that won’t open unless it is unlocked would be so much safer. A hasp and padlock would be too.

    • fitz says:

      I got locked in – and yeah, I could take off the wrong-way-facing-locking handle…but that F-style clamp works, too 🙂

      • SSteve says:

        I read your terrifying account of getting trapped in that room. Why don’t you stop temping fate and at least remove the latch? The clamp is cute but rinky-dink.

  12. neitsdelf says:

    Sorry, don’t got no tattoos.

  13. bsrlee says:

    Too bad it isn’t a work-from-home-by-computer job, you’d widen the possible pool while avoiding visas, passports and International moving. Luckily I’m retired with a good Government superannuation package – around here houses on a 50 x 150 foot steeply sloped block sell for round US$2 million, so there is no incentive to apply or move :-).

  14. flatironjoe says:

    Yep, you had me until the “move to Cincinnati” part. Sounds like a great place to work.

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