Multiple Thicknesses – Who’d Have Thunk?


I found two fully intact cornices, and one almost-intact sill (plus plenty of five-fluted side casing not shown here). It’s all being stripped right now.

Yesterday, I dropped off with a local furniture stripper the original window casings, sills and cornices – which I think came out of the very room into which they’re going back – that I unearthed in the garage. By next Saturday, they’ll be stripped of the multiple layers of paint (and grime). My plan for today was to hang and tape the drywall in the guest bath in the critical areas that would then allow me to install said mouldings (after some repair and scavenging of parts to make a second sill then refinishing), then refinish the floor.

I figure it’s best to have all the large, messy stuff done before tackling that floor.

I’ve had 3/8 ” drywall in my hall awaiting said project for two weeks (last weekend, I had some editing that simply had to get done).

But I forgot the critical “measure twice” rule…or at least I didn’t apply it properly, and measure in multiple locations. Because who would use more than one thickness of drywall in a room – particularly on a single wall?

Well – a former owner would.

Under and around the window, I did indeed need the 3/8″ drywall, so that’s now screwed in place. But it turns out that to patch the Romex channel behind where the sink will go, I need 1/2″. And to fill in what was a doorway to the pantry (now part of the shower) that is alongside where the toilet will go, I need 5/8″. And it’s raining – not a good day to strap drywall atop the Outback.


At least I got some of it in.

My guess is that whomever last re-did this room used whatever drywall he or she had on hand. New elevation or new wall? Grab whatever there’s enough of to cover it.

At least I get out of mudding for the day – no sense in mixing up joint compound until all of the patches are in place.


I suppose I could clean up some of my mess in the meantime…


…but I want to enjoy the lack of a trash pile for just a little longer.

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3 Responses to Multiple Thicknesses – Who’d Have Thunk?

  1. Dave says:

    I had a jointer / planner delivered to my house 5 years ago. It was crated with 1/8″ plywood that has been put to many uses including shimming out studs to accommodate sheetrock to level a surface. I also split thin strips of 3/4″ plywood do do the same. Beats buying and hauling several different thickness to the job site. BTW love the purple and blue garage!

  2. nrhiller says:

    Ugh! Totally exasperating. Here’s wishing you more uniformity in the near future.

  3. People get quite creative with drywall/plaster repair. A friend of mine stripped 38 layers of wallpaper off, to find that holes in the plaster were “repaired” with old dungarees split along the seams and glued across the holes.

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