Banner Reuse/Restore Day

soapstoneThis morning, I picked up my moulding from Quick Strip – and he did a great job. For $80 and a week of patience, four fluted window casings, three cornices and one sill have been stripped of many layers of paint. Now, I have to wait for them to fully dry, then refinish them to look like they used to.

I tested some finish approaches last year on some moulding I’d sanded down to bare wood – a coat of garnet shellac, followed by walnut toner and another coat of shellac looked pretty close – we’ll see if that works out here…I’ll test it on the back, of course.

And on the way home from Quick Strip, I stopped by Building Value – a local, inexpensive re-use and salvage center, just to see what they had (as I do almost every Saturday – it’s only a mile from my house), and found a stack of soapstone slabs that had been removed from a chemistry lab at Cincinnati State Technical College. I was gobsmacked – I’ve been looking for salvaged soapstone for a year, now! So of course I immediately whipped out my check card. The 1″ x 25″ x 6′ slab I purchased for just $60 will become the vanity top in my bathroom. Some day.

While I’ll certainly have to fabricate a lot of the mouldings, stair parts, etc. as I work on this house, I love re-using salvage parts as much as possible, even though it means waiting until the right things show up. Like the chandeliers I need for the living room, dining room and front hall – which reminds me that I need to run down to the Wooden Nickel for a look-see…just as soon as I can find a kind neighbor to help me shift that soapstone out of my car and into the garage.


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5 Responses to Banner Reuse/Restore Day

  1. mysticcarver says:


  2. claydeforge says:

    That is Mondo Cool!

  3. nbreidinger says:

    Very nice! I love soapstone. There’s no such thing as a perfect material, but soapstone comes close! I love the look, the easy maintenance, and the ability to easily restore minor damage.

  4. neitsdelf says:

    And it can be worked with woodworking tools!

    A couple years ago, back before I was talked out of DIY’ing my own kitchen counters with the stuff, I ran across videos at this site that I thought were very good/useful

    There were many others too, but this is the site that most sticks in my mind.


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