The Times, They Are A-Changin’*


Have chest, will (and can) travel (to teach, build, write, edit…)

Just a quick post to say that, as of today, I am no longer with Popular Woodworking.

But that doesn’t mean I’m leaving woodworking – far from it. I’m looking forward to lots more time in the shop as I build some commission pieces, and I’m working on a number of woodworking writing and editing projects. Plus, I’ve a couple classes already lined up for 2018, and am working on a few more. In short, this is nothing but a positive change.

Thanks for your support throughout my 12+ years with Popular Woodworking, and in the future. I can be reached via email at, and you’ll now be seeing – along with the occasional cat – a lot more of my furniture work here.

— Megan

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare

* And now, I can listen to Dylan in as I work in my shop!

About fitz

Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.
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98 Responses to The Times, They Are A-Changin’*

  1. Best of luck Megan. I’ve enjoyed your time in charge. I look forward to reading more of your work in future, elsewhere.

  2. Holy cats! Literally.

    All the best Megan. I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.


  3. sryoder says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next. I don’t blame you for leaving if they wouldn’t let you listen to Dylan in the shop. Geez!

  4. pfollansbee says:

    What? No more meetings? Bummer…congrats on getting out, your life will improve dramatically now.

  5. heidtwd says:

    Best of luck to you, Megan! But, I know that luck will only enhance the success that your talents have in store for you!

  6. Terry Hennessy says:

    All the best for your future. I always look forward to your post on your home rehab and look forward to seeing about your other endeavors as well.

  7. Tom Dreher says:

    Wow, we will miss you, hope you found something wonderful to do. 🌲

  8. Jon Russelburg says:

    Im excited to see you actually have time to build furniture again!

  9. Peggy Schneider says:

    All the best to you, Megan! I will be following your journey forward. And yes, please, more cat pictures. 🐱🐺🦊

  10. !!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what you have lined up for the future, Megan!

  11. Steve Jones says:

    Congratulations! You’ve come a long way. Best wishes from a reader who initially wondered what a lit PhD candidate was doing at PWW.

  12. Wow! I am sure great things are ahead for you Megan!

  13. tombuhl says:

    Moving right along. You didn’t mention time for home rehab, but I assume you always did that on company time anyway. I will miss your efforts on the pages (and beyond) of Popular Woodworking, but look forward with smiling face to your upcoming adventures. Best to you and your cats.

  14. sorry to see you go Megan. Since you are going to be traveling and doing workshops/seminars, maybe we can get you here to KC at the KC Woodworkers Guild. You’ve seen our shop and know what we can accommodate, so put your thinking cap on and come up with a good workshop to offer us. I’ll pass the idea along to our new Director of Training. We’ll be in touch. Happy sawdust-making!!!

  15. thomas dickey says:

    Best of luck with your new ventures!

  16. Tony says:

    Weight lifted… Into the hatchback, I mean.
    Good luck.

  17. mysticcarver says:

    As everyone is so rightly putting it I look forward to see your future endeavors! Always a fan and eagerly awaiting your next move!

  18. claydeforge says:

    I will miss you at Popular Woodworking, but, as I have in the past, will look forward to your blogs.

  19. jmwagle86 says:

    All the best wishes. Congratulations!

  20. hgordon4 says:

    Congrats Megan! I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  21. Salko Safic says:

    Congratulations and best of luck in all your ventures.

  22. johncashman73 says:

    Best wishes Megan. I look forward to following your future work. I do not, on the other hand, care to follow what will be an inevitable spiral back into Pukey Duckville by your former employer.

  23. Justin Leib says:

    Holy cat crap, lady! I hope to hear the story someday. Be well, and see you soon!

  24. Amos Bullington says:

    Good luck and happy building Lady.

  25. Matthew Leonard says:

    Congratulations, Megan. You’re a pillar of a very enthusiastic and carin community. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

  26. David Nordrum says:

    A great pleasure to have gotten to know you, on line and In person. Hope to see you again In the future!

  27. Rock on!! Thanks for making the world a better place! Warm regards, Eric

  28. karynlie says:

    Congratulations on making a change! You sound very positive and I wish you the best!

  29. erikhinkston says:

    Good luck in this exciting time ahead, whatever your selling, I’m buying…you’re one of the good ones

  30. Nathan Breidinger says:

    Congrats, Megan. Welcome to the word of unem….erm…self-enployment ;-D. I’ve been extremely pleased to benefit from your efforts. PopWood is the only magazine left standing that I subscribe to. You balanced great, informative, and interesting articles, without getting too “birdhouse-y” or too snooty. Make sure you keep us in the loop on what you’re up to at your blog.

  31. Michael Mavodones says:

    Congratulations on your escape from the corporate world. Best wishes for your new life!
    Mike Mavodones

  32. Rob Porcaro says:

    Hi Megan,

    Oh, I’d bet the suits do not comprehend their loss. Anyway, you sound eager for the road ahead. May it be fulfilling. Thank you for your support over the years in your roles at PW.

    You’ve got the words and the tools! May good luck follow.

    Very best regards,

  33. ericfromdayton says:

    Hope this change is a good one. It should be fantastic. Free, free at last! Do you feel giddy yet?
    Let us know how we can help. You cats routine might be confused for a while as you will be home during the day continuing construction. Are you going to become a house flipper? Best wishes.

  34. Peter Pedisich says:

    Best of luck! I always enjoyed your writing and thoughts in general… can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  35. billlattpa says:

    Good luck and Godspeed. Hope to see more of your writing and/or woodworking soon.

  36. obewank says:

    best of luck….met you a PW a couple of times when Schwarz guy was there and again in Iowa at the first show when you guys were looking for a beer……remember it was 5 o clock and the bar was closed!

  37. Mike says:

    Count me as one of your believers in whatever path you choose. From one editor to another, congrats on finishing one chapter and starting in on a new one!

  38. bloksav says:

    Good luck with your future endeavors.
    And merry Christmas.
    Brgds Jonas

  39. hbm-la says:

    Wow! Thomas is heavy stuff. Especially, in audio.

  40. miathet says:

    Whose going to test the safety of the storage areas now?

    –best of luck

  41. Wow! Congrats, Megan. I’m speechless. Enjoy your new adventures.

  42. whodave says:

    I am a huge fan. I met you at Chris’ shop and I adore you even more. You will have a fantastic time being free. Carry on!

  43. Ryan says:

    Best of Luck. Just made a Manhattan last night and peeled the perfectly thin slice of orange zest with a spokeshave. Will toast you this evening with the same (Bat Masterson Rye).

  44. robimatt says:

    Well who the Hell will make the sausage? You are a good cook.

  45. J.C. says:

    Okay I’m piling on with a big CONGRATS and you will never be the same after working pour vous. You will do well and I can’t wait to see what you get up to. I’m tipping two fingers of Michter’s in your honor. “Of all the money err I had, I spent it in good company…” Cheers, Fitz!

  46. David Boeff says:

    Everything Changes… Best of Luck

  47. Well hell yeah. I’m happy and proud for you. Kick some ass.

  48. Steve Branam says:

    Best of luck in your future endeavors, I eagerly await the news!

  49. Paul from NH says:

    Megan, I was so sad to see/hear that you are no longer the PW Editor. I’ve always enjoyed your writings, and your blog about your house restoring projects. Best of luck in all of your future projects. I look forward to enjoying your future writings and blog.

  50. Mark Ackman says:

    Photo reminds me of “the Jerk”… “AlI need is my tool chest. That’s all I need is my tool chest… and these OSHA approved boots I never once wore in a published photo. These boots and my tools, that’s all I need… and these two clear vertical grain boards one narrow cedar and one possibly curly cherry. These two clear vertical grain boards, these OSHA approved boots, and my tools, that’s all I need…

    I foresee I’ll be paying for fewer Popular woodworking issues now, and I pay full retail one issue at a time so this is definitely a positive change for me. Looking forward to house work progress!

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